Sunday, July 28, 2019

Visited Wat PutthaiSawan - LP Huan - New Part Of Wat PutthaiSawan - Ayutthaya - Thailand (Part: 2/2).

In part 2, we will sharing newly part of Wat PutthaiSawan at Ayutthaya province. Wat PhutthaiSawan is located on the west bank of Chao Phraya River, opposite Koh Mueang, in Sampao Lom subdistrict, Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya district. In the Ayutthaya Era, Wat Phutthaisawan was an immence, renowned and most important royal monastery during the reign of Somdet Phra Ramathibodhi I (King U-thong), the first king of the Ayutthaya kingdom.
 LP Huan - Wat PhutthaiSawan, Ayutthaya province. He was born on 29th August BE2472 and this year he is 90 years old. He was ordained as monk at Wat GasatTratirach. He was a descendant magic of LP Derm - Wat NongPho (Nakhon Sawan province) and studied cutting LekLai with LP Derm and mastered it.
 Main entrance of Wat PutthaiSawan.
 The 5 statues of King for Thailand Kingdom - King Taksin, King Naresuan, King Ramathibodhi (UThong), King Ekathotsarot and King Phra Chom Klao.
 Photos taken with newly built of Prang Chedi and 5 King statues.
 At front side is newly wiharn for Wat Putthaisawan.
 The main altar with Big Golden Phra Buddha statue.
 Photo taken with Wiharn of Prang Chedi at top with Tao Wessuwan statues guarded at below.
 Another wiharn building of Wat PutthaiSawan.
 The new batch of amulets by LP Huan - Wat PutthaiSawan.
 The small altar was venerated next building of to amulet counter.
 Here we could see the famous JatuKham RamaThep bucha by Wat PutthaiSawan.
 The sacred Shrine for Golden Phra Buddha statue.
 The hall building at side.
 A very sparkly statues shining with glittering flashes of light. Here is the altar inside kuti LP Huan.
 Photo taken at amulet counter. Behind the wall is hang with LP Huan portrait.
 The sacred Leklai by LP Huan.
 I obtained the sacred Holy Leklai amulets.
 More photos of LP Huan - Wat PutthaiSawan.
 Close view for beautiful sparkly statues of Phra Buddha.
The bed of LP Huan.
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