Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wat Kalai ( Big Buddha Statue) In Jeneri, Sik Of Kedah - Malaysia.

Wat Kalai is a 200 years Old Siamese temple in Jeneri, Sik of Kedah state, Malaysia. This old Siamese temple Wat Kalai is built up by Prak Nikcrodthamadtada, the founder of Wat Kalai. In past, Wat Kalai also well known by past cheif monk CK Bao. One of the wonders of Kedah state, the huge 21 meter tall of Meditation Phra Buddha statue at Wat Kalai is another architectural marvel. The current temple gate is being built under chief monk Ajahn Dam.
This is the biggest Phra Buddha of Meditation pose in Kedah state, sitting on lotus with the four concrete walls of the base are crafted and rich with details of 64 smaller Phra Buddha statues. This huge statue was built in year 1984.Underneath the huge sitting Buddha lays the niche for keeping ashes of the dearly departed.Until now, Wat Kalai is safe kept the mummified remains of the chief monk Prak Nikcrodthamadtada, the founder of Wat Kalai. The chief monk Prak Nikcrodthamadtada statue is venerated inside.
The Main building of Wat Kalai.
The another Builing Hall.The Old Ubosot of Wat Kalai, is venerated of fearsome warrior guard of Tao Wessuwan.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wat Charok Padang (Glass Bottles Temple) In Sik, Kedah - Malaysia.

Wat Charok Padang also known as "Glass Bottles Temple" In Sik, Kedah and listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the first temple to be built from glass bottles, where the main building including the tower consist of nearly 30000 glass bottles. Wat Charok Padang is started gathering bottles to decorated their temple by followed the most famous known “Temple of Million Bottles” Wat Pa Maha Kaew is located in Sisaket province, Northeast of Thailand.I came to visited Wat Charok Padang last year to see this unique Glass Bottles Temple. It is an interesting place of a Buddhist temple built with a lot of glass bottles. Located in Sik, Kedah and is easily reachable using North-South Expressway. The main building Hall of Wat Charok Padang, inside have a mini Museum at present contains several of ancient weapons.

The newspaper published the ancient weapons that found from temple land.

Inside the building Hall is veneration of sacred Phra Pikanet that made from Holy wood, a stunning carved art.

The current abbot of Wat Charok Padang - Ajahn Neam. He is a disciple of LP Kaew - Wat Saphan Meikaen and LP Jumnien - Wat Than Sua.

The temple compound. The glass bottles shrine of Phra Phrom. The Phra Lersi Shrine.Another attraction of Wat Charok Padang is a sacred 'sampan', the relatively of "flat wooden boat" from 3.5m to 4.5m. Devotees have to walk pass through the 'sampan' to get blessing.The Phra Sivali statue of abundance alms.

Even the Giant Bottle image, Washrooms, Roofs and the Walls are built of bottles, a mix of varoius colours Glass Bottles.

The main Phra Buddha is venerated in the small Vihara.

The 12 statues of Chinese Zodiac, is a scheme that relates each year to an animal and its reputed attributes, according to a 12-year cycle.

The chinese Phra Sangkachai and a bell.

The monks kuti of Wat Charok Padang.


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Golden Mount At Wat Saket In Bangkok - Thailand.

Wat Saket RatchaWoraMahaWihan, usually short Wat Saket is a Buddhist temple in PomPrap SattruPhai district in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple dates back to Ayutthaya era, when it was called Wat Sakae. King Rama I renovated the temple and renamed it to Wat Saket. The Golden Mount or 'Phu Khao Thong'. It rises within the compound of Wat Saket, an unusual temple that houses Buddha relics within its 58-metre-high chedi surmounted by a Golden cupola.

King Rama III early in the 19th century, ordered the construction of the Golden Mount. However, the soft marshy ground could not support such a large structure and it collapsed before it was completed. King Rama IV and King Rama V continued to its completion as it appears today. The current abbot is Somdet Phra Putthacharn Kiew.

The entrance to Golden Mount and Wat Saket. Before we make climb to a wide stairway spirals up and around the sides of the Golden Mount, we pay homage to Phra Buddha at Ubosot Wat Saket.

The Vihara and temple compound of Wat Saket.
The veneration of Phra Ruang inside the Vihara.
The Sema Stone and corridor wall surrounding the Ubosot of Wat Saket.
The main Phra Buddha statue in Ubosot Wat Saket.
The started point of stairway spirals up and around the sides of the Golden Mount. The small model of Golden Mount been display too.
Its not a strenuous climb, as the slope is quite gentle and there are numerous spots to stop and see something. Many Bell were hang along the way and some big Gong.
Once we reach the top and enter the building, there's veneration of many Phra Buddha statues.

The souvenir shop inside the building, rooftop terrace beneath the Top of Roof Chedi.

Inside the building, a short stairway in the center of each side leads up to the shrine holding the Buddha Relic, which lies directly under the Chedi on the roof. The shrine is encased in many layers of gold leaf applied by the devout for more than 100 years.

Finally at Top after we took a narrow stairway up to the roof. The first thing you will see upon emerging onto the roof is the huge Chedi covered with thousands of Gold mosaic tiles.

The prayer to worship the Buddha's Relic:
Namotassa BhagaVato Ahrahato Sammasam Buddhassa (X3times)
Vandami Cetiyam Buddhassa Bhagavato
Supatitthitam Saririkadhatum Kayena Vacasa Manasa Ceva
Svakkhatanca Supatipannanca Namami
Imehi Sakkarehi Abhipujayami Mayham Hitaya Sukkhaya Yava Nibbanapattiya
Idam Me Punnam Nibbanassa Paccayo Hotu.
The Buddha statues at back side of the Golden Mount, the other way out.
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