Saturday, November 18, 2017

Revisited BE2559 To Wat Thong Sai ~ Temple Of LP Up - In Thailand.

LP Up was respected and well known Master Guru Monks for his Wicha and Dhamma. We revisited to Wat Thong Sai and pay respect to LP Up after LP Up passed away in year BE2555.
 The sacred Ubosot and Wiharn of Wat Thong Sai.
LP Up ordained as monk at age 20 years old and began learnt wicha anf dhamma beginning from Phra Ajahn Akom Klang at Wat ThungNoi. He went on a great pilgrimage to Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar where he learned many Wicha and Dhamma from Guru Masters of each region before residing at Wat Wang Chado for 2 years. After this he relocated back at Wat Tong Sai for some time before deciding to embark on another mystical journey where he learned additional Wicha from LP Noi of Wat TammaSala and LP Tae of Wat SamNgam.
 The sacred body of LP Up kept inside the glass coffin at Wat Thong Sai.
 The monk's Kuti building.
 The Hall building of Wat Thong Sai.
 The sacred House of Mae Nang Pim.
 The portrait of LP Up and his masters.
 The sacred Shrine of Mae Nang Pim,
 The photo taken with LP Up statue.
The bell tower of Wat ThongSai.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Visiting Wat BangKhun Tai ~ SuphanBuri - Thailand.

Wat BangKhun Tai is located in SuphanBuri province and previously Samnak ~ Ajahn Nikom is next to this temple before moved to another place. Wat BangKhun Tai with a beautiful big White Phra Buddha statue venerated at front side of the temple.
 The Beautiful of Phra Buddha statue.
 The temple building Hall.
 The small garden of statues.
The sacred Phra Lersi statue.
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