Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wat Uttamaram ~ Tok Raja Temple In Kelantan Malaysia.

Wat Uttamaram is located at Kg. Teresek, Pasir Mas in Kelantan. After drove car for 5 hours from Ipoh to Kelantan state, finally reached the most famously Wat Uttamaram, the late Tok Raja - LP Khron Ratchanaren (known as Tok Raja) was born on Thursday December 1, BE 2419 (1876).

The temple gate of Wat Uttamaram. Every year during the Kathina celebration, Wat Uttamaram are swarmed with devotees from all over Malaysia, Singapore and the Southern part of Thailand, the tourist bus were arrived and temple Karnival is almost ready for celebration Kathina. The current Chief Abbot of this temple is LP Boon.

The Ubosot of Wat Uttamaram is one of the oldest and prettiest Thai temples in Kelantan, is worth a visit besides the other temples in Kelantan state.

The veneration of Phra Phrom statue beside the old Ubosot of Wat Uttamaram.

The Kathina celebration is around the corner during my visit, tourists were seen visited the temple.

One of the Building Hall of Wat Uttamaram, however more and more buildings were build to accommodate for visitors from outside.

The Amulets counter of Wat Uttamaram, you will viewing or renting the sacred Holy Thai amulets like Phra Pidta, Tok Raja Bucha amulets and many on.

The photo of Tok Raja, the well known for Tok's role in the deployment of Dhamma knowledge and spreading of Buddha's teachings in Malaysia.

The viewing of old building hall Wat Uttamaram.

The local newspaper published the cremation of past Abbot Phor Than Mit of Wat Uttamaram. Besides famous monk Chief Abbot Tok Raja, followed by another famous monk Tham Chau Khoon known as Ah Kong and Phor Than Mit.

The Chedi of the late Tok Raja, LP Kron the past Chief Abbots of Wat Uttamaram. Don't miss to pay a respect to Tok Raja when visiting Wat Uttamaram.

Phra Lersi statue in temple compound.

The Phra Chinnaraj Buddha statue, Tok Raja statue and other chief abbots.

The new building hall and veneration of Phra Mae Torani, Phra Lady Gali and Phra Nang Kwak.


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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wat Mai SuwanKiri ~ Dragon Boat Temple, Tumpat In Kelantan Malaysia.

Wat Mai SuwanKiri is the numerous Thai temples in Kelantan state of Malaysia. It might amaze by the stunning Dragon Boat and main building hall in gigantic proportions too.

The main temple gate of Wat Mai SuwanKiri (locals refer as Wat Mai). Like others temple in Kelantan state, the original of this temple is said to have been constructed more than hundred year ago by expert craftsman from Thailand.
The Main Hall of Wat Mai SuwanKiri, very beautiful and stunning huge building in the temple compound. More amaze is the Standing Buddha statue at the building roof.
The veneration of Phra Cinnaraj statue in the main hall, and the closer view.
Inside the Main Hall, is located the amulets counter and the magnificent 'golden and red' decoration inside the Hall.
One of the main attraction inside the Hall, a wax statue of Phor Than Di (passed away), a charismatic abbot , revered by the community. The another Main attraction of Wat Mai SuwanKiri - The Dragon Boat is located in the temple compound. The Dragon Boat has 4 Nagas (dragon) as guardian and this 'boat' is entirely surrounded by water.
The veneration of Phra Nak Prok Buddha inside the Vihara Dragon Boat and Murals painting all around the Vihara wall of the Buddha's life story.
You can see the undecay body of Phor Than Di at this interesting building.The Kuan Yin statue at temple compound.
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Abundance Wealth Amulets from Kruba Krissana BE2553.

All the photos taken here are belongs to my friend. Thanks him for these sharing. We would like to present the new amulets released by Kruba Krissana at Loy KraThong 21st Nov BE 2553.
Kruba Krissana spent more than 10 years studying Buddhist Holy Texts and practiced meditation in the forests and now Kruba Krissana is one of the best known in present day who is a guru master of unique Butterfly and Salika amulets style.

Kruba Krissana started the ceremony for blessing the new amulets released at 21st Nov BE2553.

Many Top Monks are been invited to participated in Grand ceremony at Wat Weruwan.

New batch of statues, amulets, Takruts and many.....other special editions batch are released after the Grand ceremony, blessed by Kruba Krissana.

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