Thursday, October 24, 2013

Supreme Patriarch ~ Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara Suvaddhana Mahathera Dies At 100 Years Old.

The revered Supreme Patriarch, widely known as Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the 19th Supreme Patriarch since the reign of Rama I to hold the title of Supreme Buddhist Patriarch (Sangharaja) of Thailand, was born on October 3, 1913 in Kanchanaburi Province and he passed away at 7.30pm of 24th October BE2556. He was 100 years old.
The body of His Holiness will be moved from the hospital to Wat Bowonnivet on 25th Oct 2013 and mourners will be allowed to pay their respects and bid farewell to Supreme Patriarch. The permanent secretary of the Prime Miniter's Office, said government officials in Thailand will fly the national flag at half-staff for three days and government officials will be asked to wear all black outfits for 15 days to mourn the Supreme Patriarch's death.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wat Donsala ~ The Famous Temple Of Kao Or Lineage In Patthalung - Thailand.

Wat Donsala is one of the important temple in southern of Thailand for Kao Or Magic Lineage with Superb past Guru Monks included LP Yiad (eiat) BE2425-2491, Ajahn Nam Chinnawaro BE2434-2519, LP SiNgern BE2543 and current abbot LP Uthai. Among the past abbot, Ajahn Nam (photo below) was brought the great development for Wat Donsala and his virtue still exists in people’s memory.
 The temple gate of Wat Donsala. 
 The building Hall for Wat Donsala.
 The amulet counter.
 The Phra Buddha venerated inside the building Hall with other side of the seater for monks.
 The portrait of LP Uthai, the current abbot of Wat Donsala, but he is not at temple during my visited. They also have portraits of the HM King & Queen of Thailand.
 The photo taken of past abbot LP Yiad (eiat) at year BE2479.
 Photo taken with Ajahn Nam statue.
 The portraits of LP Pan (Wat Kao Or), Ajahn Nam and HM King of Thailand visited Wat Donsala.
 The statues of past abbot and past Kao Or monks.
 The closed Ubosot of Wat Donsala.
 The Phra Buddha in the hall.
 The temple Bell tower.
The compound of Wat Donsala with crematorium building and small pond.
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Revisited Wat Intharawihan Year 2013 ~ BangKhunProm In Bangkok - Thailand.

I revisited again Wat Intharawihan in early of dawn day. We got up before dawn and arrived to Wat Intharawihan at 7am, to started my temple's journey of the day.
 The splendid view of Golden Phra Buddha LuangPor Toh at dawn.
 The photos taken with dark environment. Because the dawn day, the lamp is still on and photos were little dark.
 The dark environment for corridor of Wat Intharawihan.
 The temple compound with building Hall.
 The morning prayer by local devotee.
The Ubosot of Wat Intharawihan.
 The close view of Standing Phra Buddha LuangPor Toh statue. In the Buddhist calendar BE2415, when Somdet Putthajarn Toh was personally inspecting the construction of the statue Phra Buddha holding an alms bowl in Wat Intharawihan, he slept in a tent at the foot of the statue. On the night of the 22nd day of June in BE 2415, when the statue was half completed, Phra Putthacharn Toh passed away at the foot of the Buddha statue.
The temple gate was opened for the day, but amulet counter was not opened yet because too early of dawn day. I took some photos around while waiting its open.
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Long Gigantic Dragon With Dragon Descendants Museum And Chinese Shrine In SuphanBuri - Thailand.

Suprised that the Long Gigantic Dragon so tempting would have been ignored when visiting SuphanBuri province. It is one of those rare places where perhaps the building itself is more interesting and beautiful than the artifacts it holds within. The root of Thai-Chinese history was placed inside the long Gigantic Dragon of the 'Dragon Descendants Museum.
 The main entrance with the Pillar of Dragon welcoming visitors.
The spectacular of the brightly coloured Gigantic Dragon, which is made of fiberglass, is 135 meters long, 35 meters high and 18 meters wide. The museum took ten years to plan and 600 days to build.
The close view of the Cloud Dragon Spraying Water.
 The photos taken with the Gigantic Dragon, the one of the most stunning built tourist attractions in Thailand and with the “Dragon Descendants Museum” in Suphanburi province. It dominates the landscape as you drive towards the City Pillar Shrine. Below the spraying water is the entrance of the 'Dragon Descendants Museum' but was closed for renovation after the firework disaster on Jan 2012.
 The Shrine of 'Suphan Old Temple'.
 The shrine is next to the Gigantic Dragon. 
 The Heavenly Deity of Chinese were venerated inside the Shrine.
 The stunning carved of Guardian Deity with painted Golden on the door.
 The pavilion and the beautiful park beside the Gigantic Dragon. After my visited, they have now added a new area alongside the Gigantic Dragon, The Celestial Dragon Village. With its Chinese style entrance gate and familiar architectural style of the buildings.
The stone of Dragon Turtle King.
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wat Huay MongKol ~ The Giant Luang Por Thuad Statue - Prachuap Khiri Khan Province - Thailand.

Wat Huay MongKol (Wat Huay MongKhon) is in Hua Hin district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province that houses the largest statue of Luang Phor Thuad in Thailand. The sacred LP Thuad statue, which is about 12 meters high and 10 meters wide, is set on a large mound wide a wide stairway leading to it and can be seen from far away reaching higher than the trees.
 In year 1952, the H.M. King visited this temple to initiate his first Royal project and granted a new name for the temple from its original name of 'Huay Kot' to become "Huay MongKol" temple. This temple was established in year 1964 with humble beginnings as a small lodging for monks until it later became a monastery and then a temple with Luang Por Paso as the first abbot (1964-1991). Then PhraKru LP Phairoj governed the temple until now. He came up with the idea to build a big Luang Por Thuad statue to carry forth and spread the Buddhist teachings.
 Cooperation came from General Viset Kong-Uthaikul, deputy Commander of the Royal Guards to construct the statue in merit and honour of H.M. Queen Sirikit for her 72nd Birthday in year 2004. The H.M. Queen presided over the casting ceremony of the head of the statue on 10 June 2003 and paid homage to the statue of Luang Por Thuad on 27 August 2004. At present, Wat Huay MongKol is a Buddhist teaching centre, Moral training centre for students as well as the centre Tripitaka comprehension for Buddhist who journey here to pay homage.
 The close view of the Luang Por Thuad statue with back side view.
After climb up the stairways to the giant statue, the temple views of surrounding the statue is set in a park like environment, very well suited for a couple of hours of relaxing.
On each side of the giant LP Thuad statue, there is a huge wooden elephant (each side). Local people walk in circles under the belly of the elephants wishing for good luck.
 The venerated statue of the Great King Taksin (King Of Thonburi) portrayed with riding horse and his right hand holding a sword.
 The temple building and Ubosot with new Mondop that still under construction.
 Photos taken inside the Ubosot with venerated with the main Phra Buddha statues.
 The photos taken with the Giant Amulets of LP Thuad and the house of LP Thuad shrine.
 The sacred JatuKham RamaThep statue with energy Leklai stone.
 The temple Hall and amulet counter.
 The portrait of current Abbot LP Phairoj and also venerated statues of his mentors and past abbot of Wat Huay MongKol LP Paso.
 Many devotees pay Homage to LP Thuad.
 Temple Wat Huay MongKol had new issued of LP Thuad amulets.
 Temple amulet counter.
The miracles reported by local newspaper attributed to the Luang Por Thuad amulet from Wat Huay MongKol. Therefore, many Thai people believe that amulets created in the image of Luang Por Thuad hold great protective powers, especially from natural disasters like tsunamis and flooding and from accidents and  considered very powerful and priceless.
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