Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wat BangKlan ~ (Wat Hirunyaram) ~ Temple Of LP Ngern ~ Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum (Part 2/2).

Here the part 2 with more photos of Wat BangKlan. One of the important temples with LP Ngern history, and another related temples included Wat Tainam and Wat KlongKaNam. All also located in Phichit - Thailand.
Luang Phor Ngern was born in BE2351 in Phichit Province, Thailand. His given name “Ngern” in Thai could be translated into the meaning Money or Silver and both meanings represent Wealthy.  When he was a baby his parents does not have any financial hardship but rather enjoyed a rather easy life with him around. At a tender age of 12, he became a student of Luang Pu Suk at Wat Pak Klong MakamTao. History also stated that his education began at Wat TongPu (today known as Wat Chanasongkram) in Bangkok where he was ordained at the age of 20. We strongly believe that Luang Phor Ngern had attained Arahantship with special Wicha telepathy that was developed thorough his meditation practices with accordance to the way Buddha had prescribed.  In those days there are no telephones nor mobile phones like today’s modern world. Highly attained monks could communicate with each other from remote distances with this special telepathy ability. Luang Poh Ngern is considered one of the most renowned monks specializing in magic in Phichit province. It was so widely popular that he had a miraculous Wicha to specialized in treating ill villagers. Additionally, it has been said that he possessed a special Wicha. Once there was a man trying to challenge him, the Wicha protected Luang Phor against that man. This event was held so holy of Luang Phor Ngern and Prince of Chumphon asked to be one of his disciples. LP Ngernn also produced various types of work in terms of constructions as he supervised construction of permanent structures such as monasteries, wihars and pavillions. He is also reputed in aspects of traditional treatment, meditation, amulets or votive tablets of which he was likely to disapprove.
Here the sacred Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum of Wat BangKlan, where LP Ngern statues venerated inside the upper floor wiharn. Next to building also installs the small prayer hall.
 Photo taken with main LP Ngern statues that venerated at upper the Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum.
 The side of the of the hall with venerated many statues on the altar.
 The statue of past abbot and we could see the sacred Relic at beside.
According to history, when LP Ngern still young, The Venerable Somdet Putthachan Toh was still alive and Luang Phor Ngern had visited Wat Rakhang in many occasions to pay respect and further develop his understanding in Buddhism apart from learning Wicha sciences.  That's why the efficacy of Luang Phor Ngern's metal composite amulets are equivalently sacred as Somdet Toh's herb based amulets. 
 The prayer site locate next to the building Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum.
 The sacred Bell and Dhammacakra wall.
 The wax statue of LP Ngern.
 The wall painted photo of LP Ngern.
The main Phra Buddha statue and wall pianted Bodhi tree and past abbot of Wat Bangklan and other small Phra Buddha statues are venerated inside the wiharn.
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Wat BangKlan ~ (Wat Hirunyaram) ~ Temple Of LP Ngern (Part 1/2).

After we shared the temple journey of Wat TaiNam (the first temple of LP Ngern), now we sharing the second temple of LP Ngern and also one of the important temple of LP Ngern ~ Wat BangKlan. This sacred temple Wat BangKlan located not very far from Wat TaiNam.
LP Ngern of Wat BangKlan, Phichit province was born on 16 September BE2353 in Phichit province. He got ordained as a novice at age 12 at Wat Chana SongKram at Bangkok and he got ordained as a monk at Wat TongPu at age 21 years old. After that, he moved to Wat KongKaRarm and he also alone went on a pilgrimage in the border of Thailand and Myanmar. He established many temples, included Wat TaiNam and Wat BangKlan to promote Buddhism. He became one of great monks of Thailand and passed away in BE2464 at age 111. Although he is gone, he is worshiped widely throughout Thailand.
The famous Luang Poh Ngern is considered one of the most renowned monks and this is ons of his temple ~ Wat BangKlan, Phichit province of Thailand. Official name is Wat Hirunyaram, or commonly known as “Wat BangKlan,” is originally called “Wat WangTako.”
The sacred Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum of Wat BangKlan, where LP Ngern statues venerated inside the 2-storey wiharn. In part 2 we will see more photos for this Nakorn Chaibaworn Museum of Wat BangKlan.
The photo taken with the Ubosot of Wat BangKlan.
The temple surrounding area beside the Ubosot, the sacred Bell Tower, Wiharn, Sala building and Mondop building.
Wat BangKlan located next to the Nan Gao river.
The big Hall building of Wat BangKlan.
Hawker stall selling foods and drinks.
The sacred LP Ngern wax statue.
Photo taken inside the amulet counter.
The past abbot of Wat BangKlan.
The new batch of LP Ngern statues and amulets.
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