Wednesday, July 17, 2013

LP Phrom ~ Wat Bansuan In Phatthalung - Thailand.

 Whenever I think of the most sacred temples in Phatthalung province, I generally return to Wat Kao Or and Wat Bansuan. Here, we will focus on the old time established temple Wat Bansuan and his main Chedi of venerated Buddha's Relics.
 The history of Wat Bansuan and the Chedi had written on the black mosaic board.
 The front side of the Chedi with the sacred Dragon Constricting the pillars and Phra Buddha at top.
 LP Phrom Khanthiko is the current abbot of Wat Bansuan, LP Phrom was not around during my visited. He is successor of LP Kong (past abbot of Wat Bansuan and Famous lineage monk of Wat KaoOr), LP Phrom studied Wicha and Dhamma from master LP Kong and also went to Wat KaoOr for studied KaoOr Samnak Taksila (magic school).
 The entrance of the main Chedi and the surrounding of Phra Buddha statues.
 The temple amulets counter.
 The Phra Buddha Sihing and Shrine of Phra Phrom.
 The Shrine of LP Kong and the statues of Master LP Kong veneration inside.
 The temple Asoka Lion Pillar and the Dhammacakra.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Bansuan.
 The Standing Buddha at front side of Ubosot.
Some upgrades were going on then inside the Ubosot.
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

LP Kaew ~ Wat Saphan Meikean In SongKhla - Thailand.

Wat Saphan Meikaen located at Jana District, Songkhla province, where Luang Phor Kaew resided and he is one of the greatest monk of all with widespread reputation about his shining supernatural knowledge and his powerful strength of magic spells. He also known as the Great Wishing Crystal. 
The Kuti of LP Kaew.
The main Ubosot of Wat Saphan Meikaen.
The banner of new amulets released from LP Kaew and LP Keow.
The new temple gate was under construction. According to temple, the gate is facing the jungle where LP Kaew has made numerous holy pilgrimage roaming through multiple deep forests and mountains to study science of Wicha spells, Buddhist and Dhamma until he had succeeded in sharpening supernatural knowledge.
The photos taken with main Ubosot and Sala building of Wat Saphan Meikean.
The Altar of Phra Buddha inside the building and pictures of Ajahn Nong, LP Kaew is direct diciple of Ajahn Nong - Wat Saikow.
The amulet counter and Hand Print Phayant by LP Kaew.
Photos taken with LP Kaew and his applied Holy powder for the Holy items.
LP Kaew still very healthy and strong, LP Kaew is 103 years old and well known for his efficacious amulets and Wicha.
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