Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wat Mahawan Wanaram ~ The Phra Rod Mahawan Of Lamphun - Thailand.

Wat Mahawan is origin temple of Phra Rod amulets. This temple is believed to have been built in year 657AD by Queen Chammathewi. The sacred image of Phra Buddha seated under the Naga's hood believed to be Phra Puttha Sikkhi or Phra Sila Dam (Black Stone Image) taken from Lawo (Lopburi) by Queen Chammathewi. The image is currently known among villagers as 'Phra Rod Luang' or 'Phra Rod Lamphun', which became famous and known as 'Phra Rod Mahawan'.
The Wat Mahawan prospered throughout many reigns. It was deserted for some time during war. It was restored again when Prince Sapasit, son of Phraya Rodrad ordinated as a novice at this temple in year BE1420. A big Phra Buddha image in the temple was also cast at the time. An outstanding featured of this temple is large Chedi which built to cover the old one. The Ubosot and Vihara have also been repaired.
 Photos taken with Naga Guardian at the Ubosot.
The main Phra Buddha statue inside the Ubosot.
 The Mural painted and the Ubosot surrounding.
 The Vihara and Phra Rod shrine.
 The temple Hall and temple amulets counter.
 The closer view of the Vihara, veneration the master statue and Phra Rod shrine.
 The backward of view of the temple.
 The Golden Chedi of Wat Mahawan. This Chedi have been repaired in the past.
 The veneration Phra Rod statue beside the Golden Chedi.
 The amulets counter.
The latest Phra Rod amulets by Wat Mahawan and these batch Phra Rod were also consecrated at India, the 4 Holy places of Phra Buddha Gautama.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meeting Kruba Chisanat - Wat Ooi Sat In Northern Thailand.

In northern Thailand have many remains ancient ruin temples located at the Old City Chiang Saen. Besides these ruins temples, far away from the Old City Chiang Saen to the deep jungle side have one Huge and Beautiful temple that you are not afford to ignore. This temple name is Wat Ooi Sat and the young Abbot name is Kruba Chisanat. He is a Incredible Monk because for his young age have ability and capable to built the huge temple. He also a disciple of Top Monk - Kruba Boon Chum, the Famous Monk all the time at northern Thailand.
 At the entrance, Wat Ooi Sat is still undergoing developing. Many building Hall is undere construction process.
 Here is the main building and place to meet with Kruba Chisanat.
 Kruba Chisanat was a kindness boy and dedicated his life became a good monk. He ordained at 8 years old for novice monk and praticing 'Tudong Sivali' at 16 years old under teaching by Kruba Boon Chum. Kruba Chisanat always went alone to "Tudong" praticing at cave of deep jungle. At age 19 years old, he became abbot of Wat Ooi Sat and finally 21 years old became a senior Monk.
 The inside of main building, Kruba Chisanat is love the Wooden Art. Many decoration were made from wood. Above is Wooden Dragon Seat.
 The photos of Kruba Chisanat - met with Supreme Patriach Sangkaraj, went to Tudong praticed and photo taken with his master Kruba Boon Chum. 
 Just few years, Kruba Chisanat was capable to built the Beautiful temple.
 The Main veneration of 5 Wooden Phra Buddha at the Vihara.
 The celestial cretures waiting to be using for next project.
 The new building Hall ao Wat Ooi Sat is under construction.
 The spectacular view of statue Boddhisattvas GuanYin.
The old quarters of temple Wat Ooi Sat and under renovations.
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