Thursday, June 23, 2011

New LP Tuad Holding Abundance Alms Bowl Blessed By Ajahn Deng BE 2554.

All the photos taken here are belongs to my friend. Thanks him for these sharing. We would like to present the new LP Tuad amulets released by Ajahn Deng in June BE 2554. Ajahn Deng is famous for his powerful LP Tuad amulets and Bullet Takruts, Thai's Army and Police in Southern Thailand like his amulets very much.

All LP Tuad amulets - Holding Abundance Alms Bowl BE2554 were packed and covered. Ajahn Deng led and started the ceremony for this LP Tuad BE2554.

All the offering were well prepared likes fruits, flowers, eggs, teas and many many more. Ajahn Deng will invited his master LP Poom, LP Tuad, Lord Buddha and many other deities.

LP Poom statue at Wat Rai, master of Ajahn Deng.

Ajahn Deng started the ceremony by deep consecrated.
Ajahn Deng strongly blessing the LP Tuad amulets at the ceremony.Special Batch of LP Tuad Soaked Holy Water (see the red circle) and made limited units.Photos taken of Ajahn Deng during the ceremony.Ajahn Deng hand carved the sacred Yant at the Lp Tuad Holding Abundance Alms Bowl.Beautiful Wood carving Elephant and Leopard.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wat Benchamabophit - Marble Temple In Bangkok Thailand.

Wat Benchamabophit or better known to foreigners as 'the Marble Temple', is a royal monastery belonging to the first class temple in Thailand. The name 'Wat Bechamabophit' simply means : the temple of the Fifth King, founded during the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) in year 1900. The Ubosoth was constructed with Carrara marble from Italy, it is one of Bangkok's most beautiful temples and a major tourist attraction. During my visited in year 2010, the temple Ubosot was under renovation. The photos taken with the giant gracing Singha in front of the Ubosot.Wat Benchamabophit, the Ubosoth Hall is one of the finest works of architectural art of the Bangkok period. Inside the Ubosot, veneration of Phra Buddha Chinnaraj the main Buddha image. It is a replica of Phra Buddha Chinnarat at Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat in Phitsanulok province. The ashes of King Chulalongkorn are buried beneath the statue and there are a few pictures of King Chulalongkorn on display in the Ubosot.The wall painting of Mural of Thousand Angels.At the rear of the Ubosot, 52 Buddha images are enshrined in many different postures and with different hand gestures of Buddha image styles from Dvaravati, Lopburi, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya of Thailand.A new monk is being ordained in the temple of Wat Benchamabophit.Wat Benchamabophit main entrance.The amulets counter.The 'khlong' - canal within temple compound.Wat Benchamabophit National Museum..

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