Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Visiting Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork ~ Uncommon Monk LP Moon - Phatthalung - Thailand.

LP Moon ( Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork) aka PhraKru TaWoonChaiKoon is disciple of Phra Ajahn Thong Tao (Wat Kao Or) and is same generation with Phra Ajahn Nam (Wat Donsala) and Phra Ajahn Parn (Wat Kao Or). LP Moon was given title PhraKru in year BE2525 at the age 85 years old and he passed away the following year BE2526 at age 86. LP Moon is well known for his Wicha knowledge and also herbs medicinal knowledge whicg used helped to cure many people around Southern Thailand.
LP Moon was born in year BE2439, Phatthalung province. He got ordained as a Buddhist novice at age 6 and ordained as monk at age 17 year old and stay at Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork. LP Moon was very interested in meditation. So, he decided to stay at Wat Khao Daeng because the temple was quiet and embraced by nature. LP Moon was also interested in Wicha magic. So, he went to learn magic from LP Thong Tao (an abbot of Wat Kao Or). Learning magic from LP Thong Tao made LP Moon met LP Nam (Wat Donsala) who was a few years older than him. 
 The photo taken with Giant statue of LP Moon.
 The sacred Giant statue LP Moon is venerated on the stone hill and located not far from Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork.
 The site surrounding with another stone hill at front side.
 The Sala building at temple Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork.
 The temple is embraced by nature with Hill and many trees inside temple surrounding. The one of the temple gate of Wat Khao Daeng.
 The Hill located at back side of temple.
 The main Wiharn with venerated LP Moon statue inside.
 Photo taken with sacred LP Moon statue.
 The temple Bell Tower and wiharn.
 The old banner.
More buildings at Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork.
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