Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Revisited In Year BE2559 - Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan - UNESCO World Heritage Site Of Nakhon Si Thammarat - Thailand.

Recall back BE2559 temple Revisited to The Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan. This amazing temple is the most important temple of Nakhon Si Thammarat and also was birthplace of JatuKham RamaThep. The sacred Chedi Phra Baromathat is still under restoration work.
 The front side of Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan.
 The beautiful of Yaowarat Gate for Wat Phra Mahathat.
 Photo of Wiharn DhammaSala and with Big Phra Ruang statue venerated at front side.
 Photo taken with Phra Baromathat Chedi of Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan. The sacred 78 metre high of Phra Boromathat Chedi is surrounded by 173 smaller ones. While the chedi is now in Sri Lankan style, it is said to be built on top of an earlier Kingdom Srivijaya style chedi.
 Temple amulet counter. Remembered to obtained some Phra Buddha Sihing amulets.
 The sacred Bell Rakhang of Wat Mahathat.
 The small Chedis surrounding the big Chedi of Phra Borommathat Chedi.
 Photo taken with Jatukham RamaThep and his Guardians creatures at Vihara PhraMa and Lan Phra Taksin. The door is close for visitor because the Phra BaromaThat Chedi is under restoring. (if you want to see more Phra BaromaThat Chedi image, please see my previous posted of Wat Mahathat).
 The mural wall and Phra Ruang Buddha statue at wall inside Vihara PhraMa and Lan Phra Taksin.
The small Wiharn Vihara Sam Chom of Wat Mahathat with veneration Phra Buddha statues inside.
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Friday, January 10, 2020

Visiting Wat PhiChaiYanawat (known as Wat Ban Chian) - Morning Pray At Wat Ban Chian From Chainat - Thailand.

At early morning, we start our temple journey by visited first stop at Wat PhiChaiYanawat, located at Tambon Ban Chian, 38 kilometres from the provincial town of Chainat province. Local people also call this temple as Wat BanChian.
Photo taken at front side of temple Ubosot. Wat PhiChaiYanawat is presumed to have been built in the mid-Ayutthaya period, dating back to at least 300 years ago.
Banner for new batch amulets by temple Wat PhiChaiYanawat.
 Temple Ubosot built in the middle of the pond. 
 Photo taken at the bridge connected to Ubosot.
View from surrounding the pond and catfish in the water. 
 The front side of the Ubosot Wat PhiChaiYanawat.
Inside the Ubosot was venerated principle Phra Buddha image by name of LuangPho To, which is in the posture of accepting offerings from an elephant and a monkey. It is presumed that while creating LuangPho To’s image, the city was in turmoil from a war with the Burmese, who marched through this area.
 Photo taken inside the Ubosot.
 The both side veneration with many statues of Phra Buddha and monks statues.
 The sacred Mural painting on the wall.
 The Wiharn, Phra Sivali statue and Bell Tower of Wat PhiChaiYanawat.
The temple buildings and temple gate of Wat PhiChaiYanawat.
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