Sunday, November 17, 2013

JatuKham RamaThep ~ Lak Muang (City Pillar) Of Nakhon Si Thammarat - Thailand.

Nakhon Si Thammarat's City Pillar is designed with the Four Faces of Brahmas at the Top. The gilded Pillar is protected by a perspex tube and surrounded by four smaller Brahmas style pillars. Among other statues in front of the Pillar is sacred JatuKham RamaThep, the deity that inspired an amulets craze that swept the country in year 2007. The red ceiling above the pillar has a large, octagonal indentation with gilded reliefs of Phra Rahu eating the moon. The Lak Muang shrine is located on the northern side of the sport field, almost opposite the main tourist office and just short walk from downtown Ratchadamnoen road and  the City Wall.
 The main shrine of Lak Muang City Pillar of Nakhon Si Thammarat.
 The sacred PhayaNak images.
 Beside the main Shrine was located the other 4 small Shrines, each at one corner side and surrounding the main shrine of Lak Muang.
 Inside the shrine and the main altar, behind is the sacred Lak Muang.
 The statue of Phra Puttajarn Toh and Lak Muang.
 The close view of the Lak Muang, the artistic work at the Mai TakianTong wood, the Lak Muang.
 The early working on a wooden Mai TakianTong for the Lak Muang BE2528.
The final and the blessing ceremony for the Lak Muang and JatuKham RamaThep amulets in year BE2530. Many Top Monks were participated included Ajahn Khun Pan and Ajahn Ko Pong.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wat PradooChimPlee ~ The Temple Of Sacred Phra Pidta By LP Toh In Thonburi Of Thailand.

 We visited Bangkok many times and therefore we eager to visiting the other side of Bangkok, the 'sister' city of Thonburi. In here, also well know as 'Venice Of The East' because the City lives on its canals as much as its streets. This time I will visiting the temple Wat PradooChimPlee also located next to canal of Thonburi city.
The living boat and canal, next to Sala building of Wat PradooChimPlee.
 The temple Wat PradooChimPlee, the main sala building.
 The photos taken inside the Sala building.
 The portrait of late LP Toh on the altar. The officially name of LP Toh is Chao Khun Prarachsangwara Bhimonda.
 The statue of LP Toh, he was a dedicated and merciful monk and highly respected by the local devotees. He learnt many magic wicha and dhamma from Top monks included LP Sod, LP Parn, LP Chong, LP Roong and mony others. During he monkhoods, LP Toh created many Powerful Phra Pidta amulets and also participated many Great ceremony included Phra Somdej LP Pae BE2494, Sutthawas 25 Phra Leela BE2500, Phra Somdej BangKhunProm BE2509, Phra Somdej Roypi Wat Rakhang BE2515 and many many more. LP Toh passed away in year BE2524 March 5th at age of 93 years old.
 The remains Relic of LP Toh.
 The sacred Phra Cinnaraj statue inside the Sala.
 The portrait of HM Thai King at Wat Pradoochimple for blessing amulets ceremony in year BE2524.
 The photos taken with LP Umai, the current abbot of Wat PradooChimPlee.
 LP Umai and the photos taken for the ceremony hold at Wat PradooChimplee.
 The shrine of King Thaksin The Great, King Of Thonburi.
 The Chedi mondop with Phra Buddha venerated inside.
 The small Vihara and some old statue Phra Buddha.
Behind the Chedi mondop was located the Old Ubosot and Old Sema Stone of Wat PradooChimPlee.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

LP Kloy ~ Wat Pukowthong - Revisited In Year 2013 & I Was Attended The Blessing Ceremony For New HoonPaYon Amulets (Part 2).

I revisited Wat Pukowthong on 29th Oct 2013 for attended the blessing ceremony of new HoonPaYon amulets by LP Kloy, had its Putthapisek blessing ceremony on Tuesday 29th Oct at Ubosot of Wat Pukalthong. The ceremony started at 2pm which is seen as perhaps the most powerful time for an empowerment blessing ceremony for this batch HoonPaYon.
 Here is the Ubosot of Wat PukalThong with the boxes of new amulets. The boxes was bound with thread and at top side with the sacred White Cloth of Big Phayant.
 The white ajahn making the candle ready for the ceremony and others.
 The Sangha monks were occupied the seat and the ceremony will starting in a while.
 Photo taken at the opening ceremony. Many Top monks joined the blessing ceremony included LP Kloy, LP Uthai, LP Phrom and others.
 The opening blessing ceremony was to pay respect for Lord Buddha and invited the Devas, Devata, Brahmas and Lersi HooPaYon in the Heavenly Realm to come down and be witnesses to help in the empowerment for the amulets.
  After opening chanted, the ligthing candle supervised by LP Kloy.
 The empowerment ceremony continued for over 2 hours.
The sangha was present to preside over the chanting for the second part. 
 The ceremony near ending and top monks splashing the Holy Water and flowers to the new HoonPaYon amulets. 
 The photo taken with many top monks.
Finally blessing ceremony end around 4.30pm of late afternoon. 
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