Sunday, January 20, 2019

Visiting Wat PhaKho (also known as Wat Ratchapraditsathan) ~ Temple Of LP Thuad - SongKhla - Thailand - (Part 2/2).

Wat Phakho is the temple where LP Thuad resided during his youth, before he travelled to Ayutthaya to further his Dhamma studies. Now the temple has many of important archaeological site, including Reclining Buddha, Pagoda, Footprint of the Buddha, A replica and Monument of King Ram Raj Muni Sa Me Rarm.
 The sacred Wiharn with venerationof LP Thuad statue with Phra Buddha Footprint.
 The inside view of statues LP Thuad and outside view with Gong and Elephant statues and sacred well.
 The another small Shrine and Wiharn altar at Wat PhaKho.
 Photo taken below the standing Buddha statue.
Wat PhaKho built on the Phiphetasing Hill with long stairway and therefore we need to climb up the hill to reach it. This long stairway of steps are flanked by Nagas till to the top.
 Near the stairway located this small Shrine of LP Thuad.
 Temple Wat PhaKho amulet counter.
According to legend, when Luang Phor Thuad was a baby hanged in the cradle between two shady trees near the paddy field, he was nearly attacked by a large snake curled around him. After a while, the snake spit out a crystal ball of manifold colours on the baby’s chest and slithered away, everyone's surprise he was remained unharmed. 
 Photo taken with main altar of LP Thuad with many of his holy items inside.
 The Wax statue of LP Thuad and the sacred crystal ball belong to LP Thuad.
 The sacred wand of LP Thuad.
The photos of batch LP Thuad by Wat PhaKho and abbot LP Chan.
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Friday, January 11, 2019

Visiting Wat PhaKho (also known as Wat Ratchapraditsathan) ~ Temple Of LP Thuad - SongKhla - Thailand - (Part 1/2).

Wat PhaKho was built in 43BC and used to be the shelter for Somdet PhaKoh or Luangphor Thuad (LP Thuad) Yiap Nam Thale Chuet who was considered the most revered monk in the south back in the day. The legend has it said that the pirates had kidnapped Somdet PhaKho (LP Thuad) as they wanted to test his power. The ship could sail for the short distance before it stops for no particular reason which takes several days to repair until there’s no fresh water left to consume. Somdet PhaKho felt pity for them so he put his left foot in the sea which magically turns into freshwater. The pirates become faithful and apologize by sending him back to the temple. From that time on, people started to be respectful to him. Wat PhaKho is located at Mu 6 in Tambon Chumphon on Khao Phatthasing which takes about 48 kilometers on Songkhla-Sathing Road from the city.
The sacred Wiharn located at top of the Wat PhaKho.
The main Chedi Stupa of Wat PhaKho included small shrine for LP Thuad and Phra Buddha statues.
Close view for the small shrine.
The tower of Bell for Wat PhaKho.
The side view of the building bot of Wat PhaKho.
The sacred reclining Buddha (Phra Non) statue in the sala building. He smiles look very peace and beautiful.
Another sacred chedi located at side.
Close view for the main Chedi Stupa. This sacred Chedi is a symbol for Wat PhaKho.
Below the Chedi is venerated many statues of Phra Buddha and belief also it is said to house the Buddha's Footprint.
The below part of Wat PhaKho.
The sacred PhraThat relics for pray.
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