Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Great Geji Master ~ PT Kling Of Wat ThaLunThong.

In Southern part of Thailand, one of the best Geji Monk is Phor Than Kling of Wat Thalunthong. PT Kling ordained as novice at 8 years old in year BE2435 and ordained as monk at 20 years old in year BE2447. After served 86 Phansa in monkhood and reached 106 years old, PT Kling passed away in year BE2533.
 The simple beautiful temple gate of Wat ThaLunThong.
 The small shrine of Phra SangKaChai statue and venerated since BE2557. This small shrine was used to venerated Phra Buddha statues at previous time.

 The new shrine under construction at Wat Thalunthong.
 The Golden Chedi building with PT Kling body kept at upper floor.
 Inside the Golden Chedi building with veneration of Phra Buddha statues and amulets counter.
 The portrait of PT Kling.
 The upper floor and with PT Kling undecay body kept in glass casket. Here we pay respect to PT Kling.
 The body of master PT Kling and his resting chair.
 The temple surrounding area and Sala house of many sacred statues.
 Inside the Sala house and main altar.
 The sacred PT Kling statue.
 The sacred Phra Rahu statue.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Thalunthong.
 At front have sacred Phra Ruang Buddha statue.
 The sacred Shrine of Phra Pikanet.
The big statue of PT Kling at backside temple compound.
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kruba BoonChum ~ Wat Thong Nen - The Blessing Ceremonies At Chiang Saen Wat ThongNen BE 2559.

We're sharing the latest ceremonies hold by Kruba BoonChum at Wat ThongNen for consecrated the new statue of Phra Buddha and new amulets. Nowadays, seldom to see Kruba BoonChum come back to Wat ThongNen because now all the time Kruba BoonChum reside at temple Wat Phrathat Dong Reung - Myanmar.
 Kruba BoonChum open the ceremony with blessing mantra.
 The new installed big statue of Phra Buddha at Wat ThongNen.
 The local and oversea devotees.
 The night event ceremony with big Phra Buddha statue and below the big statue was the new released Phra Buddha SungKen and amulets.
 Kruba BoonChum is pouring Holy Water from the pot with blessing mantra.
Crowded with devotees.
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