Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wat Jang & LP Ruang With Blessing Ceremony BE2557 In Trang - Thailand. (Part 1)

Wat Jang is old temple at Trang province with Kao Or lineage Wicha from past abbot. Until now, current abbot LP Ruang also mastered the Kao Or Wicha and have many great disciple and followers. Wat Jang always conducted many Great empowerment amulets of all time. For part 1, we sharing the temple surrounding and part 2 for the Blessing Ceremony. Here is the part 1, Wat Jang - temple surrounding.
 Wat Jang School is located beside to the temple Wat Jang. In Thailand many temples have built the local school with them to provided education and Buddhism teaching.
 The temple Hall with banner for new amulets blessing ceremony.
 The temple building with Phra Buddha venerated inside.
 The beautiful Long Boat for Competition for Trang Municipality.
 The Winner for Long Boat Competition in Trang Municipality.
 The Wat Jang Bell Tower.
 The small house for past abbot and Phra Buddha Gautama statue.
 The Phra SangKaChai statue in front the Bodhi Tree.
 The old wooden long boat display beside the Ubosot.
 The main Ubosot building of Wat Jang. Today have blessing ceremony for new amulets and we will sharing in part 2.
 The Sema Stone.
 The inside view of main Ubosot Wat Jang.
 The main Phra Buddha statues.
 The unique Phra Buddha riding Elephants statue.
 LP Ruang, the abbot of Wat Jang while in blessing ceremony.
 The Ajahn blessing devotees with rituals for strong Kongkapan.
The cooked rice, part of the rituals.
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