Monday, May 27, 2013

Visit Wat WikHanSoon ~ Ajahn Uthai In Patthalung - Thailand.

It's a magical kind of place of Wat Wikhansoon for Ajahn Uthai to created powerful amulets and his dedicated efficacious Takruts. Ajahn Uthai is famous for his wicha and well known among local devotees and overseas devotees. Ajahn Uthai learnt dhamma and wicha from his master LP Pord, LP Parn, LP Phong, LP Sean and others. 
The rainy day during my visited. The temple gate of Wat Wikhansoon.
 The Ubosot, sacred Chedi and temple crematorium.
 The main Kuti of Ajahn Uthai and new Vihara building under construction.
 Ajahn Uthai was away for blessing ceremony. Photos taken with the all statues inside the Kuti. 
 The portraits of Ajahn Uthai and his master's portraits.
 The Phra Buddha statue and Phra Sivali venerated inside the Kuti Building.
 The sacred Mercy Guan Yin statue and stunning Jatukam Ramathep statue.
 Another portraits of LP Parn and Ajahn Uthai were hang on the wall.
 Temple amulets counter.
 The close view inside the Vihara building that not yet completed. Also with Phra Buddha and his masters statues and Ajahn's casket. 
The compound area of Wat Wikhansoon.

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