Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meeting LP Watchara Of Wat ThamFad In KanchanaBuri - Thailand.

KanchanaBuri is a province of west Thailand and the famous monk LP Samrit, the magic Leklai Tarad of Wat Thamfad is located here.
 The full view of temple Wat ThamFad is located at hillside.
 The Shrine of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion is at entrance of th temple.
 The main building Hall of Meditation of Wat ThamFad and the information board inside the hall.
 The variety powerful Leklai and Buddha statues on the altar.
 LP Watchara blessing the Candle Wax on me. The blessing wax is pump into a Somdej amulet by the helper of Wat ThamFad. LP Watchara is famous for his Candle Wax blessing, Meditation Powder and Magic Leklai power that got learnt from LP Samrit. Everyday, many local people got meet LP Watchara for seeking his help.
 Photos taken with LP Watchara and LP Watchara write the sacred Yant on the bucha.
 Photos taken with LP Samrit undecayed body and his shrine inside the Vihara with sacred Rhino and LP Samrit's Bowl of Candle Wax. Leklai from Wat ThamFad is very sacred and extremely powerful all the time since famous monk LP Samrit and now LP Watchara. Leklai which has been the source of Miraculous Powers that perform seemingly unexplainable feats, such as multiplying, growing, disappearing and reappearing and stopping weapons from functioning.
 The temple surrounding of Ubosot and veneration of Buddha statues.
 The kuti of LP Watchara.
The new building is under construction at the entrance of Wat ThamFad.
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meeting Ajahn Nikom Of Samnak In SuphanBuri - Thailand.

I was visited and met the famous White Robe Ajahn Nikom on my currently trip to SuphanBuri. Many people queue up to met Ajahn Nikom for consultation.
Ajahn Nikom is well known for his efficacious amulets and his powerful abilities.
 The amulets counter.
 The main altar inside the Ajahn Nikom samnak house.
 The GumanThong's altar.
Veneration of Master LP Put - Wat  Klang Bang Phra. See more LP Put temple at :
 Close view of the main altar.
 Photos taken with Ajahn Nikom.
Ajahn Nikom applying the sacred Yant on the amulets that I obtained and reblessing again to transfer energy into the amulets.
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