Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wat Chana Songkhram Ratchaworamahawiharn In Bangkok Thailand.

Tucked away in the center of the backpacker are of Banglampu is the temple of Wat Chana Songkhram. People often use the temple as a shortcut between Khao San Road and the river. Below were the photos taken during my visited to Bangkok, temple entrance from the Khao San Road.

This temple is an old monastery which was built before the first reign of Rattanakosin (Before 1782). The former name is Wat Klang Na (Temple in the paddy field). In the reign of King Rama I, Somdet Phra Bowonratchao Mahasurasinghanat (The viceroy in King Rama I's reign) granted Mon people and monks to lived in the area, renovated the temple to be residence of Mon monks. Later, King Rama I gave the new name 'Tong Pu' (Name of a town in Myanmar) after the name of Mon temple in Ayutthaya and Lopburi. In the reign of King Rama I , the temple became a center of Mon Sect Of Buddhism as he awarded to Mon soldiers who formed major troop in war with Burmese.
After the war, the temple was restored and made the Royal Temple and then renamed again to be Wat Chana Songkhram which means Victory Of War, as Thai gained victory over Burmese for three times 1785-1787.

King Rama I's younger brother - H.R.H. Prince Mahasurasinghanart.

In front the Ubosot, Nuns are preparing the foods in an early day and the visitor pass by the temple compound.

The Ubosot of Wat Chana Songkhram.
Inside the Ubosot, the altar is quite impressive with its gilded Buddha image in front of a large gilded fan, and ceremonial umbrella above. Of special note are the elephant tusks, one pair of which is ebony. Also with veneration of many Phra Buddha statues inside the Ubosot.
The new Vihara building is still in works.From the kuti, you would pass under a bell tower (being renovated in February 2003) to reach the temple compound. The Chedi at the temple compound.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit Ratchaworamahawihan In Bangkok Thailand.

Wat Mahathat which is a royal temple of the first grade is situated to the north of the Royal Palace ~ The Emerald Buddha. The present name Wat Mahathat follows a tradition from the Ayutthaya Period when this was the name given to temples that housed relics of the Buddha. Temple of Great Relic - Wat Mahathat.
Temple of Great Relic ~ Wat Mahathat in Bangkok was constructed in 18 th century by the order of the King Rama I. It is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. The temple is also the University and the study centre for Buddhism and meditation.

Although I've come here a couple of times, this is my first time seeing the Phra Chedi Relic Of Buddha at the temple itself and pay the full respect to the Lord Buddha's Relic.
The main entrance or Wat Mahathat.
A row of Buddha Statues at the side of entrance.
Corridor at Wat Mahathat, with the Viharn on the right, the Ubosot on the left, facing the main entrance and the Great Relic Chedi at the back.People praying and chanting in the Ubosot in the late afternoon.
There is a peaceful garden of palm trees in the back compound where you can see the Phra Prang, Chedi and a corridor at the other entrance door.
The temple is also the University and the study centre for Buddhism and meditation. The Mahachulalongkorn University also provides the study program in English. Section five of the temple is the headquarters of the Buddhist Monastery where Vipassana Meditation center is located. Numerous Buddhists and foreigners come to study here.
At the top was photo taken with the Mahachulalongkorn University.
The parking lots compound was located in front the University.Neighboring to this temple is the largest Thai Amulets market where one can find a great range of lucky charms, good luck signs and traditional medicines. Each Sunday the believers come to the market to watch the small image amulets of Buddha through the magnifying glass with the hope that evil will go away from their life. Be careful of the fake amulets here.


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wat Puthanimittam In Ipoh Perak Malaysia.

The Founder and current abbot of the temple Ajahn Phra Sunti Kamapirato. Ajahn was recently headed the big Buddha statue project that is still under works now. The Grand opening for the big Buddha will be conduct a ceremony on 28th May 2010 ~ Wesak Day and leading by many monks from southern Thailand. This project was funded from the public donation.
The photo taken with the temple that built on the foothill.
The Vihara of Wat Puthanimittam.
The Main Buddha shrine inside the Vihara.
The LP's statues were venerated inside the Vihara.
The altar in front the main Buddha shrine.
These photos taken in March 2010 which the big Buddha was under works. The monks were participant the works.
This bronze Buddha was venerated at the top hill.
Many Buddha statues were venerated at the foothill-Reclining Buddha, Phra SangKaChai, Phra Prom, Phra Sivali, Kuan Yin....etc
These photos taken in May 2010, the big Buddha is completed in works until the last step painting works with the golden colour.
Wat Puthanimittam is welcome the donation for the Golden paint.