Friday, March 17, 2023

Visiting Wat BoonYaRam - Past Famous Monk Phor Than Zhan - Kedah.

This year BE2566 March (year 2023), i went to visited temples at Kedah. One of them was Wat Boonyaram, located at Northern Malaysia, Wat Boonyaram has become a source of spiritual inspiration and learning centre for Buddhist Malaysian. Each year temple will arranged special ordination trip for new novices to be ordain at Wat Mahathat Worawihan - Nakhon Si Thammarat Province (Thailand), this is to allow the newly ordained monk further insight about Dhamma and understanding of Theravada Buddhism in Thailand. 
The temple gate of Wat Boonyaram at Padang Sera, Jitra, Kubang Pasu, Kedah.
The Viharn for venerated statue and Chedi of the late PT Zhan.
Photo taken with statue of Phor Than Zhan - Wat Boonyaram. Behind is the PT Zhan Chedi, inside the wiharn building. Past PT Zhan was one of the 5 Top monks in Kedah and also master of CK Phra ThepMongkonyan (PT Keling) and PT Chen. Both PT Keling and PT Chen were 'senior & junior' at Wat Boonyaram and learnt wicha and dhamma from PT Zhan.
The Crematorium and building Hall - Wat Boonyaram.
Another building of Wat Boonyaram.
Standing tall of Bell Tower Wat Boonyaram.
The main Ubosot of Wat Boonyaram.
Inside the Ubusot Wat Boonyaram and main altar Phra Buddha statue.
Last year invitation for Kathina banner of Wat Boonyaram.
3 storey building since BE2548 of Wat BoonYaRam.
Old wiharn and new wiharn under construction.
The small pond with water fountain and Walking Buddha at top.
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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Visiting Largest Reclining Buddha Statue In Kelantan - Wat Phothivihan & The Late PT Hua.

One of the Largest Reclining Buddha by Wat Phothivihan. The temple houses a 40 metre statue of a sleeping Buddha, which is considered as the largest and longest in the state since its construction in 1975. Past abbot Phor Than Hua was supervised the project built this Recining Buddha.
Vast area and have plenty of car parking just in front of the Big Reclining Buddha statue.
The temple gate of Wat Phothivihan and beside is the siam restaurant stall.
Photo taken with Longest Reclining Buddha statue in Malaysia with 40 meter long and completed in year 1979.
The mural of Phra Hanuman and his lover, Suvannamaccha. She is a daughter of Tosakanth appearing in the Thai and other Southeast Asian versions of Ramayana. She is a mermaid princess who tries to spoil Hanuman's plans to build a bridge to Lanka but falls in love with him instead.
A lot of Phra Buddha statues venerated surrounding the Reclining Buddha statue. Underneath and to the rear of the Reclining Buddha is a columbarium (a vault with recesses to deposit urns containing the ashes of the departed).
Here the entrance for the columbarium (a vault with recesses to deposit urns containing the ashes of the departed).
The big of Dhammacakra located in front of the Reclining Buddha statue.
The big Shrine of Phra Phrom at Wat Phothivihan.
The Chinese shrine of Thousand Hand Boddhisattvas Guan Yin and Lion at front shrine as guardian. Have many mural image inside the shrine.
Shrine of Lersi.
The old ubosot building of Wat Phothivihan.
The unique Chedi and Kuti room for monks resided.
The small pond for tortoises.
The prayer hall of Wat Phothivihan. 
Inside the hall, the main altar. 
During my visited, was death anniversary of Phor Than Hua. He was passed away at april 2013.
The photo of Phor Than Hua, past abbot of Wat Phothivihan, Kampong Jambu, Tumpat, Kelantan. He has been 45 years as Chief Monk of Wat Phothivihan, born on June 09,1933. He was accepted by Phra Kru Ariyasangworn or Phor Than Lek as a temple boy at Wat Ariyakiri. At the age of 20, the minimum age for monkhood, he ordained as monk at the Tendong Temple ~ Wat Chinpradittharam, near the town of Pasir Mas, under in charge of Phor Than Long. At this temple he learnt the theory and practical of meditation under the personal guidance of Phor Than Long himself. Soon after, the Head of the Thai Sangha or the Buddhist Order in Bangkok despatched a letter to the Head of the Thai Sangha in Kelantan who is residing in Wat Uttamaram in Repek near Pasir Mas appointing Than Hua as the Abbot of Wat Phothivihan. As a first step he initiated immediate repairs to existing buildings, built a small rest house, had a well dug to ensure adequate water supply and planted a 'Tanjong' tree in front of the temple. He also built the statue of the Reclining Buddha. In 1984, Phor Than Hua received the rank of Phra Khru awarded by His Majesty, the King of Thailand for his services rendered to Buddhism.
Another altar for Buddha and mural of Bodhi tree at back.
The building accommodation for monks and visitors of Wat Phothivihan.
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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Revisited To Wat Uttamaram ~ (Wat BangSek) One of My Favourite Temples In Kelantan.

During my journey visiting temples at kelantan, Wat Uttamaram (formerly known as Wat BangSek) is one of my favourite temple. Here is throwback photos from my previous revisited and i just shared the photos here now.
I took this photo from front side of Wat Uttamaram, here we see the old temple gate and wiharn at side.
Photo taken with old Ubosot of Wat Uttamaram (Wat BangSek).
All the time icon of Wat BangSek by old structure building, the Ubosot. And later went to Chedis at back side to pay respect LP Kron (tok raja), CK Chan and CK Mit.
Lucky number on the cactus???, carved by visitor.
The main Wiharn prayer hall of Wat Uttamaram.
Photo taken with main altar of prayer hall Wat Uttamaram.
Photo frame of PT Boon, current abbot of Wat Uttamaram.
Past abbot of CK Mit - Wat Bangsek.
New holy items by wooden materials.
Photo taken with amulet counter of Wat Uttamaram.
Close view the holy items by PT Boon - Wat Uttamaram.


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