Sunday, April 28, 2019

Revisited BE2562 ~ Meet Ajahn Uthai At Wat WikHanSoon - Phatthalung - Thailand.

This year BE2562, I visit again to Wat Wikhansoon and meet Ajahn Uthai here. 
 Finally completed for new Big Wiharn at Wat Wikhansoon. Very beautiful.
 Compared to old small wiharn, where we can meet Ajahn Uthai here.
 Close view and photo taken with both Wiharn.
Sacred altar and photos inside the wiharn.
 Photo taken at side the altar.
 Photo taken with temple helper at amulet counter.
I'm waiting and queue to meet Ajah Uthai, many devotees today.
 Photo taken with Ajahn Uthai - Wat Wikhansoon.
 Ajahn Uthai ~ (LP Uthai Utthayo) is a skilled guru monk. He was born on 13 November 1966 in Phatthalung and now is an abbot of Wat Wikhansoon in Phatthalung province. LP Uthai learnt magic wicha from many master included his grandfather (a famous guru monk), LP Pord (Wat Hua Pa, Songkhla Province) and LP Parn (Wat Saeng Arun, Phatthalung Province) and LP Phong (Wat Jaeng, Phatthalung). Nowadays, Ajahn Uthai helped many devotees with his wicha and amulets.
 Photo taken with Ajahn Uthai Utthayo.
 Temple building.
 Have some new arrangement for the statues for this shrine.
 Shrine for Phra Phrom and Phra Pikanet, next to shrine is venerated Phra Sivali statue.
 The sacred white Chedi and Ubosot of Wat Wikhansoon.
 The small Bell Tower and Crematorium.
New site for construction to built 'maybe' building.
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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Revisited In Year BE2559 - Wat Wikhansoon - Ajahn Uthai - Phatthalung - Thailand.

This is another 'late' sharing for the temple journey photos of Wat Wikhansoon back in year BE2559. Ajahn Uthai is popular for his Takruts and Rian amulets since many miracle happened and reported by devotees. This time for temple visited, Ajahn Uthai was away and went to Malaysia.
 The under construction and almost finishing for the new Wiharn for Wat Wikhansoon.
 Temporary veneration place for the statues at the entrance.
 The new and old wiharn building of Wat Wikhansoon.
 Photo taken with altar inside the wiharn.
 Close view for the statues and photos on the altar and wall.
 The amulet counter for Wat Wikhansoon.
 The new built sacred Shrine for Manorah Banboon statue and next is Mercy Bodhisattvas GuanYin ans Jatukham statues (both previously venerated inside the wiharn building.
 The close view for the sacred Manorah Banboon, Mercy Bodhisattvas GuanYin and Jatukham statues.
Another new built Shrine for Phra Phrom and Phra Pikanet statues.
The temple Wat WikHanSoon - Crematorium.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Visit Samnaksong BanMai - Meet LP Phong (Wat Jaeng) - Phatthalung - Thailand (Part 2/2).

LP Phong currently resided at Samnaksong BanMai, if want to meet LP Phong can come here. Because LP Phong supervise the process the construction of Pagoda building (Sitthikansophon Dhamma Retreat) here. 
 LP Phong is healthy and can feel his strong dedicated in Buddhism. Not easy for LP Phong to raise fund for this big project. May LP Phong stay in healthy and strong. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.
 The construction for new Pagoda building here.
 Photo taken with the Pagoda building at Samnaksong BanMai or known as Wat Mai by local devotees.
 The banner of LP Phong and behind is temporary kuti for LP Phong.
 Here is the place for LP Phong do the blessing for devotees.
 Small altar and some photos hang on wall.
 LP Phong blessing again the Holy amulets.
 Photo taken with LP Phong Thanuttamo.
 The main entrance and currently dont have temple gate yet.
 Photo taken with Phra Upakut statue at Samnaksong BanMai.
 Temple bulding hall.
 The other small Kuti building.
The tent for worker. 

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