Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wat Klang Bang Phra In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

I went to visited Wat Klang Bang Phra, the temple of late LP Put in Nakhon Pathom province. This temple is near from Wat Bang Phra-LP Pern. The late LP Put is very famous for created sacred amulets and he used to be close friends with LP Pern. The undecaying body of LP Put is enshrine in the temple.
The Phra Buddha and Mae Takian shrine are enshrine besides the old temple building with a big Mai Takian wood trunk.
The Vihara of Luang Por TubTim with many of Zebra statues. The Luang Por TubTim Buddha is venerated inside this Vihara.
The main Vihara ofWat Klang Bang Phra. Many sacred statues of Phra Buddha are veneration along the corridor.
A closer look at the shrine.
The photos taken with undecaying body of LP Put and the closer shot. LP Put's body is safe kept inside LP Put vihara.
The preserved body of the crocodile subdued by LP Put in the past. LP Put also known as Crocodile Subduing Arahant by his local devotees.

The others view inside LP Put Vihara.

The temple amulets counter.
The Buchas, Amulets and Porcelain items on display at the whole corridor wall.
A man was miracle survived from gun shots after he worn powerful amulets by LP Put.

At the back side of LP Put Vihara is located the Big Luang Phor Yai Buddha statue.The temple Crematorium and Vihara are located near Luang Phor Yai Buddha statue.
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