Sunday, April 27, 2014

LP Daeng (PT Daeng) ~ Wat Kok Sai - The Famous Phra Pidta In Southern Thailand.

The temple Wat KokSai is famous in Southern Thailand for the sacred Phra Pidta amulets with lineage of Tok Raja (Kelantan state in Malaysia). The late PT Daeng was disciple of LP Khron (Tok Raja) and created few batch Phra Pidta with highly efficacious effect.
 The signboard of Wat KokSai at front side of temple.
 The temple gate and Bell Tower of Wat Kok Sai.
 The temple Ubosot.
 The photos taken with temple shrine of LP Thuad & past abbot statues with old Chedi at side.
 The new construction in progress for Vihara building and some Main Phra Buddha statues inside.
 The shrine of Boddhisattvas Guan Yin of Wat Kok Sai.
 The main Altar inside the Sala.
 The photos, potrrait and Bucha on display inside the sala.
 The LP Daeng of PT Daeng ( Wat Kok Sai) is widely known as 'Daeng Anak Rimau' by Kelantan devotees. LP Daeng was really a senior disciple of Tok Raja (LP Khron). The photos above were display at temple for LP Daeng conducted ceremony in year BE2540.
The amulet counter of Wat Kok Sai.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Visiting LP Lort ~ Wat KhoKrom - The Famous Master For Kongkapan & Metta - Surin Province - Thailand.

Exclusive temple visited and met LP Lort, the famous monk and well known master by local devotees. This temple Wat Khokrom is very far away from town and near border of Cambodia.
 The long way at deep side plantation, artificially-established forest, farm or estate before reaching Wat Khokrom.
 The wooden temple building of Wat KhoKrom.
 The portrait, photos, Titles and the altar.
 The photos of LP Lort received Fan Titles by Somdet Kiew at Bangkok.
 Photos taken with altar of Phra Buddha with Khmer style Phra Buddha.
 The photos of LP Lort with water fountain and banner of new amulets released.
 The temple amulet counter and many sacred Holy amulets and takruts.
 The Hall inside the monastery.
 LP Lort deep chanted for amulets that I obtained.
Photos taken with LP Lort. I asked the local devotees to finding a good monk, many said LP Lort is mastered the powerful KongKapan wicha and also LP Lort have very good metta.
 The old machine for making amulets and still using by temple.
Temple is very far away from downtown and because many monks resided at Wat KhoKrom, the temple have stockpile for daily use.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Khmer Prang Style LP Hong Temple ~ Temple Journey Photos & LP Hong Passed Away Peacefully BE2557 (Part 4).

This is beautiful Khmer Prang style temple and also another temples related to LP Hong, located not far from Wat Petchburi. Futhermore with 2 statues of Icon LP Hong Holding Phayanak Stick image.
 The front side of the Khmer style Ubosot with Prang at the top side.
 The guardians of Tao Wessuwan statues and the pond at front side of the temple.
The Icon of LP Hong holding Phayanak stick and kuti building.
 At the each side of the Ubosot is venerated of 2 statues Icon LP Hong holding Phayanak stick. Here is the photos taken with one of the Icon statue.
 The temple surrounding with Phra Buddha statues.
The back side of the 'khmer' style temple building.
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wat PetchBuri ~ Temple Journey Photos & LP Hong Passed Away Peacefully BE2557 (Part 3).

After attended the funeral and pay final respect to LP Hong at Wat SusanTungmon, we went to visited LP Hong's previous temple of Wat Petchburi. LP Hong have few temple included Wat SusanTungmon, Wat Petchburi and another samnak temple.
 The temple gate of Wat Petchburi, main temple building Hall and icon of LP Hong statue.
 The crematorium of Wat Petchburi.
 The main building Hall was under renovation progess.
 The pond and gardening.
 The Boddhisattvas Kuan Yin and Phra Nak Prok statues.
 The main Ubosot with Phra Buddha statue.
 The wooden sala.
 The photos taken inside the Sala, so 'empty' the surrounding because many monks and devotees went to Wat SusanTungmon to attend the LP Hong's funeral.
 The Altar, LP Hong's portrait and belonging on display and Phra Buddha statue.
 The another part of wooden sala.
 The Phra Lersi veneration under the tree.
The surrounding of Wat Petchburi.
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