Sunday, April 27, 2014

LP Daeng (PT Daeng) ~ Wat Kok Sai - The Famous Phra Pidta In Southern Thailand.

The temple Wat KokSai is famous in Southern Thailand for the sacred Phra Pidta amulets with lineage of Tok Raja (Kelantan state in Malaysia). The late PT Daeng was disciple of LP Khron (Tok Raja) and created few batch Phra Pidta with highly efficacious effect.
 The signboard of Wat KokSai at front side of temple.
 The temple gate and Bell Tower of Wat Kok Sai.
 The temple Ubosot.
 The photos taken with temple shrine of LP Thuad & past abbot statues with old Chedi at side.
 The new construction in progress for Vihara building and some Main Phra Buddha statues inside.
 The shrine of Boddhisattvas Guan Yin of Wat Kok Sai.
 The main Altar inside the Sala.
 The photos, potrrait and Bucha on display inside the sala.
 The LP Daeng of PT Daeng ( Wat Kok Sai) is widely known as 'Daeng Anak Rimau' by Kelantan devotees. LP Daeng was really a senior disciple of Tok Raja (LP Khron). The photos above were display at temple for LP Daeng conducted ceremony in year BE2540.
The amulet counter of Wat Kok Sai.
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