Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wat Bang Phra In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

On my recent trip to Bangkok one of the visited famous temple was Wat Bang Phra. Wat Bang Phra famous for it sacred SakYant tattoo and former abbot Luang Phor Pern. He built many of the structures on the premises from public donations during his time. Wat Bang Phra also renowned as the place to get sacred SakYant tattoos and the 'Wai Kru' Tattoo festival.
The main Chedi, Ubosot, Vihara and temple gate of Wat Bang Phra. At the compound center of Wat Bang Phra, where is the 'Wai Kru' ceremony was took every year.
Photo taken with statue of LP Pern with along 2 Tiger.
Inside this building Hall was veneration many of LP Pern wax statues and the LP Pern body was kept in the glass coffin.Photos taken with LP Pern Wax Statues, behind is LP Pern body kept in the glass coffin. Many of another LP Pern statues is venerated inside the same building Hall. LP Pern riding Tiger statue.Besides LP Pern statue, Wat Bang Phra also have many of sacred statues like Phra DhammaChakra Buddha, Kuan Yin with Thousand Hand, ChuChok, LP Tuad, Ajahn Toh, Phra Rahu and Phra on. The old structures of Prang Chedis on the ship. The view of main Vihara and with other Vihara building at Wat Bang Phra.The amulet counter of Wat Bang Phra.Photos taken with LP Sham Ang, the current Abbot of Wat Bang Phra. LP Sham Ang re-bless the amulets that I obtained.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Raja Kayu ~ The Magical King Of Wood Energy.

According to the native, Raja Kayu is the most powerful talisman they carry for protection to ward off evil spirits and spells cast in the jungle. Raja Kayu also has the mystical powers both for physical and spiritual healings.
Raja Kayu contains super energy and able to convert negative or neutral energy to positive energy instantly without any physical contact. Raja Kayu can convert neutral water energy to post positive water energy, enhance your house or office's energy field and enhances one's energy by piercing through water to deliver energy to the person concerned without any direct physical contact.

The tree of Raja Kayu or King of all woods, command its majestic power in the deep interior jungle of South East Asia. Besides Raja Kayu, there are also other magical woods in the deep jungle like Penawar Hitam or Black Gold, Cendana, Kayu Penunduk, Nibong, Ulamas, Kemuning, on.Some collection of Phra Pidta made from high-skill handcrafted by native artisan from sacred Raja Kayu - King Wood.

Raja Kayu energy can bring:

Confidence and courage in your leadership skill to command people,

Ward off negative and dark energies,

Strong protection from black magic,

Possess positive energy and expel negative forces,

Attract opportunity and majestic luck in things we do,

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Amulets Released By Ajahn Morn BE 2554.

All the photos taken here are belongs to my friend. Thanks him for these sharing. We would like to sharing the new amulets released by Ajahn Morn.

Ajahn Morn and Ajahn Deng re-blessed the amulets again.

The relax time after the re-blessed.
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