Thursday, August 30, 2012

Revisited Wat Thong Sai Of LP Up - In Thailand.

This year July, I went to revisited Wat ThongSai again. During the time of my visited, Great Master LP Up was admitted to hospital because of old age sickness. A month later I received a very sad news, LP Up was officially passed away on 25th August BE2555. 
 The temple gate of Wat ThongSai.
Now the renovations of main Ubosot have been finished. Beside is the Bell Tower.
 The new Vihara of Wat Thong Sai.
 The Shrine building and Lion guardian.
 The LP Up's Kuti.
 The famous Mae NangPim statue, do the offering here and make wishes.
 A man with the Mae Nang Pim amulets at waist.
 Photos taken with the Mae NangPim statues.
 Many White Wine for offering here.
 Close view with many others Holy items.
The dining place.
This photo was taken in March 2011, in memory of the late Great Master LP Up.
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Alms Giving to 10,000 Monks in Hatyai NiphatUthit 3 Rd. 26th August 2012 For International Alms Offering And Mahasanghadana.

This year I took changed for a while to photograph such a big event of International Alms Offering And MahaSanghaDana 2012 in Hatyai. Early on the morning of Sunday 26th August 2012, there will be a mass Alms Giving Ceremony in Hatyai - NiphatUthit 3 Rd. An estimated 10,000 monks and a greater number of laypeople are expected took part of the event. The main road were closed for the event and have 2 places of the offering alms taking part at the same time.
 This big event is organised by Punditrattana Association and above is the poster that you could see everywhere in Hatyai town.
 Many monks were came and Chanting was started.
 Big crowded of laypeople are took part for the event.
 Photos taken around the event before offering alms is start.
 A grand view of the monks.
 The event started with prayers and chanting. This place is one of the intersection of NiphatUthit 3 Rd. just at front of Sakura hotel. Another place of event took part is at intersection Odeon shopping mall.  
 After chanting and a sermon, the offering alms were started. The monks then started to file down the paths between an estimated crowd of 50,000 lay people and the helper.
 Another view of the offering took part at a small road.
 Here is another intersection of event happened at the same time. When I reached here, the offering alms were almost ended.
 Many helper and devotees were helping to cleaned up the road and packed up the offering likes dried food along as well as rice, personal necessities such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Much of this dried food will be sent to the monks in the deep south who are unable to leave their temples.
After the ended, the road was back to normal and business start as usual.
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meeting Ajahn Sawai Of Wat Phaksak - The Hidden Jewels In Patthalung - Thailand.

Wat Phaksak is one of the Hidden Jewel temple in Phattalung with influenced by Kao Or magic school. The previous abbot Ajahn Dit was very famous along with Ajahn Nam and Ajahn Kong in his era. Many amulets consecrated in this temple were joined blessed by these Top Masters. Now the current abbot of Wat Phaksak is Ajahn Sawai, he is senior disciple of Ajahn Dit and learnt all Visha from his master.
The Ubosot (above) and small Vihara (below) of Wat Phaksak.
 The building Hall of Wat Phaksak, view of outside and inside.
 The temple compound and monks kuti.
 The veneration of Ajahn Dit statue and his portrait inside the shrine.
 The banner seen outside and inside the amulet counter for this Phra SangKaChai, Phra Pidta amulet BE2483, BE2504, BE2516.
 The portraits of Ajahn Dit and Ajahn Sawai.
 The small altar with variety Phra Buddha statues.
 Photo taken of Ajahn Sawai.
 Photos taken with Ajahn Sawai, the current abbot of Wat Phaksak.
The articles been published about these Phra SangKaChai and Phra Pidta amulet BE2483, BE2504, BE2516 in Amulet Magazine. This is the Hidden Jewels that not mant people know about it.
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