Sunday, November 25, 2018

Revisited In Year BE2561 - Met LP Keow (PT Keow) Of Wat Hui Ngoh - Pattani - Thailand.

LP Keow (PT Keow Kittikhunno), he was born in BE2472 in Yala Province. LP Keow was ordained on the 6th June BE2492 at Wat Nang Om, Yala Province. He studied the Wicha and Dhamma from many monks experts such as “Ta Liam” who was Wicha expert of Wat Nang Om, Phra  Ajahn Tim of Wat ChangHai and others. He is well known by local and oversea devotees for his Wicha for created LP Thuad amulets and many others.  
The new built Wiharn, next to the Ubosot.
The main Ubosot of Wat Hui Ngoh.
 Far away is Hall building and have funeral ceremony there.
Amulet counter of Wat Hui Ngoh.
 The famous Wealthy Ship by LP Keow.
Here the place to meet LP Keow. During my visited, LP Keow was taking rest and not full attire monk dress (because rest), so no photo is allowed. After met LP Keow and reblessed the Holy amulets, I just took photo outside the building.
 The building of Wat Hui Ngoh.
 The resting place.
 The Kuti building of Wat Hui Ngoh.
 The small wiharn.
Temple Bell Tower.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Revisited BE2561 ~ Wat Natawee - LP Phat Ariyo - SongKhla - Thailand.

This year BE2561, we see have new development in Wat Natawee to built the Big Budhha statue. During my visit, LP Phat is not at temple because to attend ceremony blessing at other temple.
 The temple gate and sign of Wat Natawee.
 The white Chedi of Wat Natawee (last time is golden colour).
 Far from entrance can see the Big Buddha statue.
 This new statue is built behind the LP Phat wiharn.
The photo taken with new Buddha statue, the building is double storey and Phra Buddha statue on the top floor.
 The amulet counter inside the wiharn and new batch of amulets by LP Phat.
 The shrine for Phra Leela statue.
 The back side view of the shrine.
 The sacred 7 Phra Buddha statues.
 The sacred Shrine of Boddhisattvas Guan Yin.
 The building is restored with new paint.
The sacred Ubosot and still not yet finishing the construction.
 The other side land of Wat Natawee.
Building next to the main road.
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