Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wat Choom Saeng ~ Ajahn Dek - A Senior Disciple Of LP Sackorn.

The small temple of Wat Choon Saeng of Ajahn Dek, who is senior disciple of LP Sackorn - Wat Nong Krub. This small temple is little far from Wat Nong Krub and still many temple buildings in upgrading process. 
 Here is the big banner inside temple compound to advertising the new batch amulets released.
 The temple counter and Sala building of Wat Choom Saeng. I was not able met with Ajahn Dek because he was busy in chanted the sutras for deceased in funeral rites that hold inside the temple hall. 
 The logo of sacred lineage of 'Yant ha' on the building wall.
 The upgrading temple building with 2 Towers of Bell and Drum at front side.
 The temple Ubosot of Wat Choom Saeng.
The temple surrounding.
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