Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wat Pailom In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

LP Poon of Wat Pailom was a famous master of the GumanThong, Hanuman and Phra Khun Paen, who passed away in year BE2548. The main Vihara of Wat Pailom.
The billboard advertising the most recent batch of old amulets unearthed. It was consecrated by LP Poon. The photos of recent abbot of Wat Pailom, LP NamFon, the successor of LP Poon who's passed away a few years ago. The Main Ubosot of Wat Pailom, quite well decorated and furnished with 2 stunning Yaksha guardian in front the Ubosot.Another view of the Ubosot.

The Guan Yin shrine pavilion of Wat Pailom.
The House of GumanThong.
The flying Hanuman statue located in front the Ubosot.
The Phra Buddha inside the Ubosot of Wat Pailom and the beautiful murals painting. The Bell Tower. The LP Poon, Yaksha and Lersi Hermit statues at the front side of Vihara. The old amulets unearthed and display on cabinet. Have the TV presentation too.The LP Poon's wax statue and the well kept of LP Poon body in the glass coffin. We could see this inside the main Vihara. The various mystical masks, GumanThong and Big GumanThong statue kept and created by LP Poon. Here is the amulets counter and the new amulets released by LP NamFon at recent year.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wat Srisathong In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

Wat Srisathong is the pioneer temple that venerates the largest Phra Rahu statue and whenever the big Phra Rahu ceremony mentioned, Wat Srisathong is the obvious temple that grasped in mind.The new Ubosot is built and new Vihara building are under construction to venerates the Phra Buddha statue.
This is the new Sala of veneration of Phra Rahu statue. This new octagon Sala been built in recent year by leadership of current Abbot of Wat Srisathong - LP Sirosuwannarak.
Phra Rahu is a mythological monster deity who is supposed to cause eclipses by eating the moon or the sun in his mouth. He is a kind of giant deity in Thai myth that Phra Rahu was an immortal giant deity because he drank some holy nectar.
The offering items that devotees intend to offer prayers to Phra Rahu. The 8 types of black coloured foods and drinks offering are black grapes, black liqueur, black coffee, black jelly, black beans, black rice, black cake and black fermented eggs.
Another view inside the octagon Sala of Phra Rahu, the veneration of 7 days Phra Buddha.

Beside the octagon Sala, you can see the huge image of Phra Rahu.

The main Ubosot of Wat Srisathong, largest Phra Rahu statue been venerated in front the Ubosot in the past before moved to the new octagon Sala of Phra Rahu.

Inside the main Ubosot is the altar of veneration Phra Buddha. You could see the 2 spirits image of banana tree - Mae PraiTani.

Another corner inside the Ubosot, you could see the LP Tai statue - first abbot of Wat Srisathong, LP Noi statue - the preceding famous abbot of Wat Srisathong of his Phra Rahu sacred amulets.

The temple amulets counter and the one eye coconut Phra Rahoo bucha.

The current abbot of Wat Srisathong - LP Sirosuwannarak. The photos taken of re-bless the Phra Rahoo buchas and amulets.
LP Noi of Wat SriSaThong was born on 14 February (BE 2435) 1892 and passed away on 10 Desember in year (BE 2488) 1945 at the age of 53 year old .LP Noi is a Laos’s monk and has been studied the art of making efficacious Phra Rahu statues from Laos. He was the first monk in Thailand been popular created the powerful Phra Rahu amulets by his knowledge in both Holy Dhamma and Visha (magic).

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meeting LP Up of Wat Thong Sai In Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

LP Up of Wat Thong Sai, was a famous master of the Mae Nang Pim, also known as Pim pa and was considered to be a mountain god.
The temple Ubosot, Bell Tower and temple gate. Inside the Ubosot is still under renovation. Every day, Wat Thong Sai are swarmed with devotees from local Thailand and overseas to meeting with LP Up.The statue of Mae Nang Pim, actually Nang Pim is a God of Pregnant Female with baby emerging. Mae Nang Pim like white wine very much, every time devotees come to make a wish and pray, they often offering the white wine. The Katha for Mae Nang Pim is " U Ga Pa Sa Ha Na Budh".
Many of LP Up photos hang inside the amulet house. You could see many of Mae Nang Pim statue beside with the Buddha altar and GumanThong baby images.
Newspaper mentioning about the consecration of a new batch of LP Up amulets.
Many Mae Nang Pim amulets in the cabinet of Wat Thong Sai amulet counter. I also took the photo of Hand moulding machine for making the amulet by LP Up in the past.
Photo taken with giant Takrut Ngoo and Mae Nang Pim image.
LP Up is now quite elderly and resting on the bed. All the Buchas and amulets that I obtained from the temple were blesses properly by LP Up. He also giving a blessing on my forehead.


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