Saturday, March 5, 2011

Phra Trimurti & Phra Pikanet At Central World Bangkok, Thailand.

The Shrine of Phra Trimurti (God Of Love) and Shrine of Phra Pikanet, located at Central World on Ratchadamri Road. Nearest from another corner to Erawan Shrine of Thao Maha Brahma or Phra Phrom.
Phra Trimurti, the God of Love is stands gracefully in the middle of a soothing water featured next to the Phra Pikanet Shrine in front of Isetan with a constant flow of young devotee.Close view of Phra Trimurti, deity is a combination form of three prominent deities of Hinduism of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.Offering a bundle of red roses or dalah flowers to Phra Trimurti for ask for helping to find your true love.The Phra Pikanet Shrine (Phra Ganesh), pray to Lord Ganesha will helping devotees to Wealthy, Metta, Good Luck and Clear Obstacle.
Central World photo taken on August 2010, re-built after partially collapses attacked by redshirt protesters on May 2010.
Don't miss your Golden Time to make your wishes. According to legend and magazine published, Phra Trimurti descends on earth to listen to prayers’ wishes on Tuesday and Thursday after 9.30pm. The best day is still Thursday. Here is a golden opportunity, if you are seeking for true love.
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