Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wat Si Rattana Mahathat (Wat Yai) ~ Phra Puttha Chinnaraj (Part 1/3).

Phitsanulok province is located in the middle between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, worth visiting with plenty of history, and the main attraction is Phra Phuttha Chinnaraj statue that veneration at temple Wat Si Rattana Mahathat. The famous Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat meaning "Temple of Great Jewelled Reliquary", also colloquially referred to as Wat Yai by local devotees, is a Buddhist temple (wat) in Phitsanulok Province, Thailand. Where it is located on the bank of the Nan River near Naresuan Bridge. Another most important statue is sacred Phra Buddha image named Phra Puttha Chinnaraj ("King of Victory"), considered by many to be the most beautiful Buddha image in Thailand. It is one of the most highly revered images in the country, which makes the temple an important pilgrimage site for Thai Buddhists. Beside this in Phitsanulok we could see many statues King Naresuan and many beautiful Mural painting inside the Wiharn temples.
The temple Wat Si Rattana Mahathat and its main Wiharn, housing the famous Phra Puttha Chinnaraj image.
The row of Phra Buddha statues at front side the entrance to Wiharn.
Always crowded by worshippers and tourists to pay respect to the sacred Phra Puttha Cinnaraj statue. With very vibrant colours and peaceful surrounding inside Wiharn and with fantastic Phra Buddha & King Naresuan statues.
The close view of beautiful Golden Phra Puttha Cinnaraj. The temple was founded in 1357 by King Phaya Lithai, King of the Sukhothai Kingdom. The King ordered the casting of three large Buddha images to be enshrined in the newly built temple. Some of the most famous artisans of his time were invited to do the job. While the first two images came out perfect on the first try, the last image took three castings. When it was completed, it turned out to be the most beautiful of the three and was named Phra Buddha Chinnaraj. The 375 centimeter high Sukhothai style image is in the subduing Mara posture.
More sacred Phra Buddha & King Naresuan statues venerated at both side the Wiharn.
The beautiful Mural painting and small counter for bucha and amulets.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Visiting Wat Kositaram ~ Museum Of Wat Kositaram & LP Kuay (Part 2/2).

Here is the Wooden House of Museum for that cares for the collection of artifacts, cultural & historical of temple Wat Kositaram and other objects of amulets by LP Kuay and many many more. This Museum located behind the main Sala of Wat Kositaram.
 The mini altar inside the Museum.
The sacred Wax statue & portrait of LP Kuay.
 Here the display cabinet for the Holy items.
 The old and sacred statues and mantra book of Wat Kositaram.
 Some of Holy item of Takruts, Phayants and amulets by LP Kuay.
Here is popular pim amulet by LP Kuay and now is very rare to find.
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Visiting Wat Kositaram ~ Temple Of LP Kuay (Part 1/2).

Wat Kositaram is famous temple with legend monk LP Kuay, who was born in 1905 and at young age  of 7 years old started learning from LP Kuad, Wat BaanKae (wat kositaram). When he was 20 years old, he was ordained as a monk in 1924 at Wat BaanKae. At that time, LP Ma was an abbot (LP Kuad passed away) and taught LP Kuay sermon knowledge until he was very expertise about sermon. LP Kuay futher gained wicha at Wat WangKorn and also went to learnt from LP Sri at Wat Phra Pang. Next, LP Kuay learnt with LP Derm, Wat NongPho and also learnt with LP Ken, Wat DongSetthi. Afterwards, LP Kuay came back at Wat Kositaram and in year 1948, LP Kuay was became an abbot at Wat Kositaram until he passed away 12nd April 1979. LP Kuay was very famous about incantations and gained a lot people respect him until today.
 The temple gate of Wat Kositaram.
A beautiful Pavilion building at front side of temple. Photo taken with statue Phra Buddha Emerald and LP Kuat statue too.
 The close view of Phra Buddha Emerald and LP Kuay statues.
 The big sacred Bell and Gong at side the Pavilion.
 The sacred Bell Tower and Wiharn building with 'Chedi' at top roof.
 The sacred Wax statue of LP Kuay and his body kept inside the glass casket, with close view.
 The photo taken in front the LP Kuay Wax statue.
 Amulet counter inside the wiharn of Wat Kositaram.
 Small altar with portrait of LP Kuay.
 Monk blessing and with local devotees making offering & tamboon.
 Another sala building and kuti.
 Temple surrounding and main Ubosot of Wat Kositaram.
 The crematorium building of Wat Kositaram.
Another Pavilion with Phra Buddha statues venerated inside.
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Golden Mouth Monk ~ Phor Than Klai (LP Klai) Of Wat That Noi (Part 1).

PT Klai was ordained as a novice monk BE2438 when he was 19 years old at Wat ChanDhi (Wat That Noi). One year later, he futher ordained as a monk BE2439 at Wat Wang Muang. He went to studied Dhamma and Wicha for few years in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani temples. PT Klai also became the Abbot of Wat Suan Khan in year BE2448 and later also became the Abbot of Wat That Noi in year BE2500. After PT Klai passed away in year BE2513 and his body was kept in the glass coffin at Wat That Noi and for viewing & paying respect.
Portrait of PT Klai and HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej. PT Klai was called as Golden Mouth Monk because whatever he said came true until he kept a vow of silence for many years, he felt sad for the bad things that happened as he predicted.
The stunning view of temple Wat That Noi with new PT Klai statue. Behind with White Chedi (housing the body of PT Klai) and Reclining Buddha statue facing the White Chedi.
The main entrance for White Chedi building.
Close view of Phra Reclining Buddha statue.
The surrounding wall of Wat That Noi and seating statue of PT Klai.
The first floor of White Chedi.
The second floor of the White Chedi and the glass coffin with body of PT Klai.
The close view body of PT Klai.

The small altar of Phra Buddha statue beside the glass coffin of PT Klai.
Very beautiful Mural painting on the Chedi Wall and Pillar.
The portrait of PT Klai.
Here the entrance for second floor White Chedi and top view of the White Chedi.
The temple building with top roof have shrine of Phra Phrom statue.
The surrounding view of White Chedi with temple buildings.
The ground floor of White Chedi with many statues veneration inside.
The small altar at next building.
The beautiful pavilion with current abbot statue venerated inside.
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