Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wat CamPaKew Thasong ~ New Batch Amulets By 4 ChauKhun - Kelantan - Malaysia.

This temple Wat CamPaKew Thasong is one of the oldest Siam Thai temples in Kelantan and also related to Wat Uttamaram. According the temple info, Wat Uttamaram first abbot is LP Sud. At the same time, LP Sud was built the second temple ~ Wat CamPaKew Thasong, not far from Wat Uttamaram. Now Wat CamPaKew Thasong is under care by Wat Uttamaram. For short history list of abbot at Wat Uttamaram, 1) LP Sud, 2) PT Talok, 3)PT Chan, 4)PT Wan, 5)CK Kron {Tok Raja}, 6)CK Chan, 7)CK Mit, 8)PT Boon (present abbot of Wat Uttamaram). Below we share the temple ceremony photos by temple committee. We thanks for him, Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.
 The temple gate of Wat CamPaKew Thasong and banner for new amulets by temple Wat CamPaKew Thasong with invited 4 ChauKhun Top Monks to blessing in ceremony.
 The main Ubosot of Wat CamPaKew Thasong.
 The Shrine for Chinese deity Tua Pek Gong.
 The banner of ChauKhun for blessing the new batch amulets for raise fund restoring temple Wat CamPaKew Thasong. By CK Onn, CK Ti, CK Eak, CK Bun, PT Boon, PT Muk and other monks.
 The preparation inside the ubosot for ceremony new batch amulets.
 The noon time, the ceremony blessing was started.
 In deep consecrated in blessed for new batch amulets by CK Bun, PT Boon, CK Onn and CK Ti.
 PT Boon ~ Wat Uttamaram.
The evening ceremony at Ubosot ~ Wat CamPaKew Thasong.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Revisited Wat Chedi BE2559 (September) For Booking Order New AiKhai ~ Wat Chedi (Wat Jadee).

This early morning, in September BE2559, we went to temple Wat Chedi (Wat Jadee) for booked the new amulets and buchas for AiKhai BE2559. We noticed temple Wat Chedi was expanded the temple area and main Sala for altar AiKhai had moved to new site. Here we sharing the photos.
 The banner of new AiKhai for booking.
 The banner for info of AiKhai.
 The new site of Sala for AiKhai.
 The photos taken at front side altar of AiKai.
 The sacred portrait of AiKhai.
 The another side of altar with venerated past guru monks statues.
 The banner for new bucha AiKhai.
 The sacred sema stone is ready for new Ubosot.
 Another new sala building is under construction.
 The old quarter of temple Wat Chedi.
 A lot of  Rooster statues at old quarter part of temple.
 At old part quarter of temple Wat Chedi, monk kuti and wiharn.
 This is old Sala of AiKhai and left empty now.
 Almost complete for new Ubosot ~ Wat Chedi.
 The surrounding of temple Wat Chedi.
 The info counter building.
The new site for light firecrackers and the pieces of firecrackers pile up like a hill.
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