Sunday, April 8, 2012

Meeting LP Koon Of Wat Banrai in Thailand.

I went to visited Wat Banrai on 23rd March 2012 to meet LP Koon after knew his discharged from Maharaj Hospital in January. I grab this opportunity to meet LP Koon for seeking his blessing. The reverend Holy Monk LP Koon is regarded as the living 'Deity Of Wealth'.We are long waiting for LP Koon blessing because LP Koon is under tuberculosis medication. Once the diagnosis of tuberculosis is confirmed, the patient must maintain a strict dietary and rest regimen to remain on the path to recovery.LP Koon have regained his health and his conditions improved and have been seen refreshed and happy. Visitors and Devotees were allowed to see him and must not get closer to him than 2 meters. The team of doctors have facemasks on at all times when get closer to LP Koon. The doctors also advised that the monk not to touch anyone to prevent infection.After blessing session end, we're taking photos of reverend Holy Monk - LP Koon.
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