Monday, June 26, 2017

Revisited BE2556 ~ Met LP Keaw ~ Wat Saphan Meikean In SongKhla - Thailand.

Wat Saphan Meikean is always have many visitor come to visit and meet with LP Keaw, the abbot of Wat Saphan Meikean. LP Kaew is a sacred revered guru monk of the South with merciful heart and have many disciple. He got ordained at Wat SaiKow in Pattani province and seriously studied mantra from many guru monks and then went on a pilgrimage for 16 years (BE2518-2534) in the cemetery where gained more wicha. Now, LP Kaew is over hundred years old. Here we revisited and sharing the temple photos.
 The main Ubosot and wiharn of Wat Saphan Meikean.
 The completed Mondop wiharn building.
 Photo taken in front the altar of veneration of LP Thuad and past abbot statues.
 The sala where you could meet LP Keaw.
 Photo taken with LP Keaw.
 LP Keaw blessed again the holy items.
 The painting photo of LP Keaw, he is one of the greatest monk of all with widespread reputation about his shining supernatural knowledge and his powerful strength of magic spells. He also known as the Great Wishing Crystal. LP Kaew was also joined in blessing the first batch LP Thuad amulet BE2497 by Wat Changhai and also blessed and joined ceremonies at Wat Si Mahapo.
 The monk kuti building.
 The Mondop and simple shrine with Phra Buddha is located the temple compound area.
The banner with new temple project for build the Phra Buddha statue and building.
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Short Trip To Temple Wat Nern Sutthawat ~ LP Gliang Manunyo ~ Chonburi ~ Thailand.

LP Gliang was admitted in hospital during we pay a short trip to temple Wat Nern Sutthawat. LP Gliang is very famous for expertise for creating "Phra Hanuman" and his popularity has increased tremendously in recent years. Wat Nern Sutthawat is located at Hill Sutthawat, Chonburi province. His perseverance and entrenched in strict discipline with monastic simplicity of living had gained popularity and respected by devotees.
 LP Gliang Manunyo (PhraKru Pisit Chalopakarn) is abbot of Wat Nern Sutthawat, Chonburi province. LP Gliang was born in year BE2461 in Chonburi Province and he got ordained as a monk at age 21 in year BE2482. LP Gliang is one of the oldest monk and most respect in Chonburi. He very famous to create amulet of Phra Hanuman and he gave talismans to Police and Soldiers to make them safe during duty. LP Gliang is with mercy and good behaviors had gain devotees admire and respect.
 The beautiful Pagoda chedi building of Wat Nern Sutthawat.
 The main altar with Phra Buddha and previous abbot statues.
 The old wiharn building of Wat Nern Sutthawat.
 The sacred Phra Buddha statue and LP Gliang's master ~ LP Wichan statue.
 The sacred Reclining Buddha statue inside the wiharn.
 The small monday Phra Buddha with style of Pang HaamYad.
 LP Gliang bucha at temple counter Wat Nern Sutthawat.
The sacred big bucha LP Gliang, thanks for the helper at amulet counter to holding the bucha for me took the photo.
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Visited Wat Nong Pho At Day Time ~ Temple Of LP Derm ~ Nakhon Sawan (Part 2/2).

Here we share the temple journey of Wat Nong Pho at day time.
The current new batch Roon "Pakotkan Derm" from Wat NongPho issued to memorial LP Derm ~ 'grandmaster' of master, the past abbot of Wat NongPho.
LP Derm is one of the greatest guru monks in Thailand. He was born in BE2403. He has helped to develops many temples in the province as well as the neighboring province. He passed away in 22 May 1951 (BE2494) at the age of 92 years old. When we read Luang Phor Derm's biography, he had a special knowledge’s to detect elephants mind and to communicate with them. Another superb protection talisman by LP Derm is magical knife Mitmor and knife mitmor from LP Derm is regarded very powerfully protective against all dangers and bad powers. LP Derm also popular for his Ivory amulets, he began making Ivory amulets and giving to his disciple for help them in daily life. The sacred Ivory was craved from tusks when the elephant died. As a preceptor, LP Derm was often invited to many temples to preside over the ordain ceremony. During the dry season, He will go to meditate and beg for rain. LP Derm sacred Holy amulets was very efficacious and gained respect from the people across Thailand.
The beautiful Phra MahaThat Pagoda for the Museum pagoda. Inside is display many Holy item from LP Derm and also wax statues of LP Derm.
The sacred of variety Wax statues of LP Derm were venerated inside the Museum.
The sacred Bucha of LP Derm.
The sacred Chedis of temple Wat Nong Pho.
The main altar inside the wiharn with statues of LP Derm and past abbot of Wat NongPho.
The small pond with boat of veneration of Phra Buddha statues and with Elephant statue at side building.
The sacred LP Derm statue with money tree and Phra Buddha footprint.
The Giant Magical Knife ~ The sacred Mitmor of LP Derm.
More statues of LP Derm.
The temple Wat NongPho, amulet counter with sacred Bucha, Mitmor, Phayant and also with many amulets.
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