Friday, June 9, 2017

Visited Wat Nong Pho At Night Time ~ Temple Of LP Derm ~ Nakhon Sawan (Part 1/2).

It may seem strange to consider this a night time activity when temple Wat NongPho is closed for night, however, we just took few photos at outside building. At part 2 we will share the photos for day time visiting temple Wat NongPho.
The portrait of LP Derm, a past abbot of Wat Nongpho, Nakhon Sawan province. He was a famous guru monk in the past. He was born on 6th February BE2403 in Nakhon Sawan province. When LP Derm was 20 years old, he got ordained at Wat Khao Kaew ~ Nakhon Sawan Province. After ordination, LP Derm stayed at Wat Nong Pho and learnt dhamma, meditation, Pali and wicha magic for 7 years from LP Chom (abbot Wat NongPho). LP Derm went to learnt more wicha magic from many magical experts such as Ajahn Phan Chuphan, LP Mee (Wat Ban Bon), Ajahn Yam (Wat Srathalay), LP Noom and so on. LP Derm passed away in BE2494. 
The Wiharn of Wat NongPho.
Photo taken with stone board for LP Derm ~ Wat NongPho infomation.
The Chedi Pagoda of Wat Nong Pho and banner for ceremonies for new batch amulets by Wat Nong Pho.
The double storey Wiharn with Elephant statue at side. In the past, Luang Phor Derm kept many elephants to carries him wherever he goes, he had a special knowledge’s to detect elephants' mind and to communicate with them.
The small pond with boat of veneration of Phra Buddha statues.
The beautiful Mondop of Wat NongPho.
Photo taken with stone board of Luang Por Derm Museum.

The stone board named Phra MahaThat Pagoda for the Museum pagoda.
The beautiful of Phra Mahathat Pagoda ~ The Museum of LP Derm.
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