Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Revisited & Opening Taman Landskap Dhammacark Mettadham - Wat Ariyakiri (the late PT Lek temple).

Sharing the new opening Taman Landskap Dhammacark Mettadham and new Phra Buddha PutthaMetta AriyaMongkhun statue located behind the main prayer Wiharn of Wat Ariyakiri. The officially opening by Ketus Sangha Kelantan - Phra Vicarnvuthikhun at 10 Jun 2016. Here the sharing photos after the opening. Wat Ariyakiri is famous because of the late PT Lek ~ PhraKru Viriyaksangvorn. His Holiness PT Lek was a highly revered monk from Wat Arilyakiri, Kelantan whom had dedicated himself to the Buddhist religion for 50 years.
One of the unique built garden in the temple Wat Ariyakiri with colourful surrounding and very details decoration.
View from the top side of Taman Landskap Dhammacark Mettadham.
The sacred and beatiful Phra Buddha PutthaMetta AriyaMongkhun at top side the Garden Dhammacark Mettadham.
The fountain with Phayanak Naga and small pond.
Sacred White Phra Buddha samadhi venerated inside the shrine.
Beautiful 'borobudur' Chedi.
 The beautiful garden and board list of donor for this Taman Landskap.


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