Saturday, July 13, 2019

Visited Wat NaTangNok & Met LP Maen - Temple Of Late Abbot LP Jong & Current Abbot LP Maen - Ayutthaya - Thailand (Part 2/2).

In part 2/2, we will share more photos of LP Maen - Wat NaTangNok. He was very respected by local and oversea devotees. The local devotee told me, LP Maen is very good Dhamma and Wicha. Everyday have many people here to meet LP Maen.
LP Maen is current abbot of Wat NaTangNok. LP Maen was born in 13 March BE2481 at Pathum Thani province. LP Maen was ordained at Wat Yai ChaiMongkol when LP Maen was 27 years old. LP Maen studied the magic from LP Jong’s method and Buddha teaching and dedicated to developing and restoring Wat NaTangNok.
 Photo taken with LP Maen - Wat NaTangNok.
 The sacred Big Head of statue LP Jong. This Big head will attach to big statue of LP Jong statue at the site where the Big Statue is built.
 Many photos and portraits of superb past abbot LP Jong - Wat NaTangNok.
 The main altar inside the wiharn with Phra Buddha statue and LP Jong statue and photo.
 The new released Holy items at counter Wat NaTangNok.
 The sacred photos of popular Holy items by LP Maen.
 All deep consecrated by LP Maen for his Holy items - Wat NaTangNok.
 The sacred Lion Sing statue and photo taken at amulet counter of Wat NaTangNok.
 LP Maen portrait and his amulet photos.
 The sacred Phra Cinnaraj statue.
 LP Maen arrived to met devotees.
 LP Maen talk to us all.
 Received blessing by LP Maen.
After wish good health to LP Maen and took photos, we proceed to visiting next temple.
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