Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Visited Wat Ampawan - Temple Of LP Jaran - The New Pagoda Of Wat Ampawan - SingBuri - Thailand (Part: 1/3).

Currently Wat Ampawan proceeds contributed to construction of Big Pagoda by late LP Jaran. This Big Pagoda project was supervised by LP Jaran until his died 25th Jan BE2559. Now the Big Pagoda is near complete and we will see more photos in this part: 1/3.
LP Jaran Thittathammo (Phra Thep Singhaburajan) ~ Wat Ampawan, Singburi province, was born on 15th August BE2471. He is master in meditation and give educations to devotees to make a meditation. Later years, LP Jaran work goes spread all over countries and many devotees respect LP Jaran so much. LP Jaran has a kindness to all of the people and dedicate to teach the meditation. He pass away in year BE2559 Jan 25th.
 The banner with LP Jaran image.
 The current chief monk at Wat Ampawan.
 The banner hang at the entrance to 'previous' LP Jaran's kuti.
 The previous kuti of LP Jaran and front side venerated sacred Phra Leela and King Naresuan (Prince Naret) statue (manifested a miracle at Maehongson province, driving away Burmese and Karen bandits with a powerful storm).
 The photo taken with wax statue of LP Jaran.
 Some old photos of LP Jaran at Wat Ampawan.
The mini 3D model of the Big Pagoda and entire temple area of Wat Ampawan. Here also could see the area of buildings for meditation center for devotees practicing meditation. Wat Ampawan is renowned Vipassana Center in Central Thailand.
 View from meditation center and the Big Pagoda.
Photo taken with the Big Pagoda. The front side of the site construction for the Big Pagoda. Now still cannot enter for visitors.
Here with zoom in photos for the Pagoda.
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