Saturday, July 13, 2019

Visited Wat NaTangNok - Temple Of Late Abbot LP Jong & Current Abbot LP Maen - Ayutthaya - Thailand (Part 1/2).

Wat NaTangNok is quite vast area land and have to use more time to walk surrounding it. Current abbot LP Maen (we see more photos of LP Maen at part 2/2) had project to built Big Statue of LP Jong at Wat NaTangNok.
 LP Jong is one of the top great guru monks of Thailand, from Wat NaTangNok, BangSai district, Ayutthaya province. LP Jong and LP Parn (Wat BangNomKho) were close friends and respected each others high Dhamma practice. They had the same teachers ~ LP Soon of Wat BangPlaMoh and LP Paan of Wat PikulSokant. Even though LP Parn reached extremely high miraculous knowledges of "Apinya" and "Wipassana", he still admired LP Jong and recognised him as a great monk and always invited him over for any chanting ceremonies. LP Jong was born in March BE2415 in the reign of King Rama the Fifth and he got ordained when he was 21 years old. He passed away on the Buddhist important MaKhaBuCha day of February 17th, BE2508, at 93 years old and in 72 years in monkhood.
 The beautiful main Chedi of Wat NaTangNok with Tao Wessuwan statues as guardian at front.
 Photo taken with the main Chedi and Phra Buddha statues at front.
 Temple Wat NaTangNok have restoration at some building.
 The small wiharn with both entrance door with veneration LP Jong statue inside and with Tao Wessuwan statues at outside.
 The fish pond with Phayanak statue at center pond and have many wiharn buildings surrounding the pond.
 The new project of Big statue of LP Jong will be build here.
 The sacred Golden Chedi, Phra SangKaChai statue and many of Top Monk statues venerated at side wiharn building.
 The double storey Ubosot with Phayanak at stairway handle.
 The mural art at Wat NaTangNok.
 The shrine for Mercy Boddhisattvas Guan Yin.
 More surrounding view and with Phra Phrom shrine.
 The 'mirror' Shrine for Phra Buddha statues.
The banner of LP Maen and green deva statue venerated at front.
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