Monday, July 8, 2019

Revisited BE2561 - Wat ChangHai ~ The Famous Temple Of LP Thuad At Pattani.

Wat ChangHai is a must visit temple for LP Thuad amulet lover. Here is one of the main temple of LP Thuad and also consecrated most sought after LP Thuad amulets all the time. Wat ChangHai have restoration some temple buildings and chedi. Here we uploaded some photos for this revisited.
 The landmark icon sacred Chedi of Wat ChangHai, where the the ashes of Revered Somdet Luang Pu Thuad and Venerable Phra Ajahn Tim DhammaTharo were enshrined and kept inside the sacred pagoda of Wat ChangHai.
 The temple gate with image of Elephant at top.
 Board name of temple Wat ChangHai.
 Main sacred Chedi and Ubosot and Wiharn of Wat ChangHai.
 Many devotess keep cool under the tree because hot of sunlight heat outside.
 Photo taken at counter amulet at Wat ChangHai.
 The sacred Bodhi tree.
 More close view photos at ubosot and chedi.
 The main LP Thuad statue inside the wiharn.
 The big bowl batnamon, for store Holy Water.
 The umbrella and wooden door mural.
 The sacred LP Thuad statues.
 LP Thuad riding Elephant.
Photo taken with icon Chedi with LP Thuad at Wat ChangHai.
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