Sunday, July 7, 2019

Revisited In Year BE2562 - Wat Phaksak (PhraKru SangKaLat - Current Abbot) - The Temple Of Phra Ajahn Dit - The Hidden Jewels In Patthalung - Thailand.

This year we came again to visited Wat Phaksak and met new abbot - PhraKru SangKaLat (after previous abbot LP Sawai passed away). He is now supervise Wat Phaksak and lead blessing in temple.
Wat Phaksak is one of the Hidden Jewel temple in Phattalung with influenced by Kao Or magic school. The previous late abbot Phra Ajahn Dit was very famous along with Ajahn Nam and Ajahn Kong in his era. Many amulets consecrated in this temple were joined blessed by these Top Masters. Now the current abbot of Wat Phaksak is PhraKru SangKaLat (after previous abbot LP Sawai passed away), he is successor learnt all Visha from his master.
 The temple gate of Wat Phaksak.
 The new wiharn with venerated statues of Phra Ajahn Dit and former abbot monks.
 Photos taken with statues of Phra Ajahn Dit.
 The hall building of Wat Phaksak.
 The bell tower and some huts.
 The old building and previous kuti of late LP Sawai.
 The new kuti and also building for amulet counter Wat Phaksak.
 Just have few holy items here.
 Photo taken with PhraKru SangKaLat and behind with frame photo Phra Ajahn Dit. Sought his blessing with amulets i obtained.
 The sacred temple Ubosot of Wat Phaksak.
Temple surrounding with old building and new kuti buildings.
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