Thursday, September 8, 2016

LP Eaum ~ SamnakSong Pathibat Tham TalingChan ~ Phatthalung Province.

The temple (samnak) Pathibat Tham Taling Chan is located at Phatthalung province, next to TalingChan forest. Now behind the samnak, is the famous tudong area called Kumb Sabb. Where monks went to undergo their tudong practise and TalingChan forest is also well known resided by Spirits, Land Deva and Dato Gong. One fine day the 3 spirits came to see LP Eaum and told him, if you want to stay here you must make a promise that all the old trees at TalingChan are not to be chopped. LP Eaum agreed and promised. Hence LP Eaum stayed at TalingChan until now. Thereafter, the people at TalingChan started to invite LP Eaum come out to stay in a kuti, that the devotees built for LP Eaum. He resided here until now.
 LP Eaum ~ Phor Than Eaum (PhraKru Arthonthammapinit), 85 years old and is a revered guru monk in Phatthalung province. Lp Eaum was born in a poor family in year BE2474. He was married before and has a very big and loving family. He also is a karawat (Shaman ~ white robe ajahn) and farmer in the village. His father in law was one of the famous karawat Mor Kiew (Doctor Kiew), the disciple of Phra Ajahn ThongTao (the Famous Geji Phra Ajahn of Wat Kao Or).
 Here the new temple building, next to the old temple kuti.
 The shrine of Phra Sivali.
 The sacred LP Thuad statue.
 The main altar with Phra Buddha and many portrait of Phra Ajahn Thong Tao, Mor Kiew (shaman) and ceremony event.
 The photos for amulet batches issued by LP Eaum during these few years.
 Received blessing by LP Eaum.
 LP Eaum hand write the Phayant.
 The photo taken with LP Eaum.
 The temple amulet counter and surrounding.
 The old kuti.
The crematorium.
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