Wednesday, August 17, 2016

LP Yen ~ Wat Sra Parian (Wat Kan Parian) - The Efficacious & Powerful Yant Of 'พ' Por Phan - Chainat.

Think of the temples of Chainat province and most people will mention Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao, Wat Kositaram, maybe even Wat Thammamul, but few would think of Wat Sra Parian of LP Yen.
LP Yen was famous for Powerful Yant of 'พ' Por Phan, LP Yen (BE2445-BE2539) went to stay at Wat Rakhang Khositaram to study dhamma and meditation after he was ordained at Wat Derm Bang (Suphanburi) at age 20 years old. In one day, LP Yen met a Marvelous Wicha monk on pilgrimage, he taught LP Yen to created Powerful Yant of 'พ' Por Phan. The Marvelous Wicha monk told LP Yen that this 'พ' Por Phan can help LP Yen to build Wat Sra Parian after LP Yen told him that he want built a temple at his hometown of Chainat. LP Yen lived at Wat Rakhang for 9 years then futher learnt wicha from LP Im (Wat Hau Khaow) and LP Sri (Wat SraPrang). When LP Yen came back to hometown, he began to build his temple Wat Sra Parian in 1964 and finished in 1979. During the day of construction LP Yen made Por Phan to reciprocate everyone who'd advocated him. LP Yen passed away on 12 May BE2539 while he was 94 years old. 
The banner of event for temple Wat Sra Parian ~ LP Yen.
The old quarter wiharn of Wat Sra Parian.
The new building of Wat Sra Parian (now temple new name is Wat Kan Parian).
The photo taken inside the new Ubosot.
The beautiful mural painting inside the Ubosot.
Restoring the walkway with Tent Canopy.
The temple building Hall.
The glass coffin and body of LP Yen. He passed away on 12th May BE2539 at age 94. After death, his body has not decayed and well kept in the coffin according to the intention of LP Yen.
The close view of body LP Yen.
The small altar for Phra Buddha statues.
The new issued Por Phan พ from Wat SraParian.
Temple amulet counter.
The new development of Wat Sra Parian, temple gate and wiharn.
The main Ubosot of temple Wat Sra Parian and the small pond located next to the Ubosot.
The small pond with venerated Phra Mae Thorani statue.
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