Monday, September 26, 2016

Golden Mouth Monk ~ Phor Than Klai (LP Klai) Of Wat Suan Khan (Part 2).

In (part 1) we shared photos temple of PT Klai's ~ Wat ThatNoi, here we continue with (part 2) to share another temple of PT Klai's ~ Wat SuanKhan. PT Klai was a Holy Monk in Thailand. He was past abbot of Wat SuanKhan and also past abbot of Wat ThatNoi. He also built several temples in Nakhon Si Thammarat included Wat MaPrangNgam, Wat Suan Khan, Wat That Noi and others.
Many devotees call PT Klai as Golden Mouth Monk because whatever he said usually come true. At that time, many people came to visited PT Klai and wish to get the Holy amulets especially betel nut (chan mak) chewed by PT Klai.
 The shrine of PT Klai.
 The surrounding view of temple Wat Suan Khan with the hall building.
 The portrait PT Klai at top and altar for Phra Buddha venerated inside the hall building.
 The reclining Phra Buddha statue.
 The bamboo grove landscapes.
 The unique Holy Chedi with Phra Buddha statue venerated below.
 The old ubosot of Wat Suan Khan.

 The photo taken with one of the sacred PT Klai statue.
 And another 2 stunning statues of PT Klai.
 The sala building and amulet counter at side of building.
 At sala building here have many statues venerated here included the sacred Turtle statues.
 PT Klai statue and Portrait of PT Klai with HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
 The amulet counter of Wat Suan Khan.
Currently have new batch amulets for commemorate PT Klai and present abbot of Wat Suan Khan ~ PhraKru KittiWimol hold the ceremonies at Wat Suan Khan with many top monks joined the blessing ceremonies.
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