Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Famous LP Jeud Is Known For The Wasp Amulet ~ Wat PodeTiSettee At Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

The temple themselve are a visible interpretation of the colourful temple of holy wasp. Wat PodeTiSettee is simple and consider a small temple compare to other temples at Nakhon Pathom. LP Jeud is famous for his 'toh ngen toh thong' wasp amulets and sure with Phra Rahu amulet. LP Jeud was learnt Wicha from LP Noi ~ Wat SrisaThong.
 The colourful of Bell Tower of Wat PodeTiSettee.
 The sacred Phra Pikanet riding Wasp statue.
 LP Jeud is also famous for his Phra Rahu amulet and Wooah Tanoo amulet. Here is the temple Wat PodeTiSettee sacred Phra Rahu statue with painted colours. LP Jeud is disciple of LP Noi ~ Wat Srisathong, the top Phra Rahu master.
 The Sala building is built on the fish pond.
 Inside the Sala with the blessing ritual took place.
 The portrait and photo of LP Jeud,
 The amulet counter of Wat PodeTiSettee.
 LP Jeud was very sick when we visited him on 5 June BE2559, he passed away peacefully on 8 June BE2559.
 The small shrine for veneration Phra Buddha statue.
The temple hall building of Wat PodeTiSettee.
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