Monday, August 17, 2015

Visiting Wat Sai Khao (Wat SaiKow ~ Phra Ajahn Nong) ~ The Famous Temple Of 3 Prominent Temples At Pattani.

The venerated Great Master Phra Ajahn Nong ( Wat SaiKhao) was born (15th Oct BE2462) at KhoPhok, is a small town at Pattani and also located one of the famous temple Wat Sai Khao. What makes this small town well-known and renowned, are three prominent temples (Wat Na Pradu - Wat ChangHai - Wat Saikow) which are closely associated to each. Phra Ajahn Nong was fifth abbot of Wat SaiKhao and developed this temple since BE2511 to BE2542. 
 Phra Ajahn Nong (Wat SaiKow) was born BE2462 and  passed away in year BE2542.
 Temple gate of Wat SaiKhao, this temple was built from BE2300.
 The temple building.
  The last Wiharn built under Phra Ajahn Nong.
 The close view of the Wiharn.
 The small Shrine and veneration of statues Great 3 Thuad of LP Thuad, Thuad Marn and Thuad SittiChai.
 Another wiharn building at Wat SaiKow.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Sai Khao.
The beautiful Sala house of Wat SaiKow.
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