Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Revisited Wat ChangHai BE2558 (Phra Ajahn Tim) ~ The Famous Temple Of 3 Prominent Temples At Pattani.

The late PhraKru Witsai Sophon ( Phra Ajahn Tim DhammaTharo ) was the former chief abbot of Wat ChangHai or Ratburanaram, Tambon Khuan Nori, Khok Pho District, Pattani Province. The late Phra Ajahn Tim was born on 21st August 1912 and passed away peacefully on 30th November 1969. We all noticed this small town are well-known and renowned, are three prominent temples (Wat Na Pradu - Wat ChangHai - Wat Saikow) which are closely associated to each. 
 The temple gate of Wat ChangHai and railway track or railroad at front.
 The sacred Shrine of LP Thuad at front side and next to the railway track.
 The photos taken at temple gate of Wat ChangHai.
 The main Pagoda of Wat ChangHai, where the the ashes of Revered Somdet Luang Pu Thuad and Venerable Phra Ajahn Tim DhammaTharo were enshrined and kept inside the sacred pagoda of Wat ChangHai.  
 The main wiharn of veneration LP Thuad statue and children with hand holding flowers waiting the visitors.
 The statue of LP Thuad & Elephant.
 The close view of sacred LP Thuad statue and photo taken with venerated LP Thuad statue.
 More sacred statues at side and a lady devotees pasted the gold foil.
The temple amulet counter with crowded visitors to obtained sacred LP Thuad buchas and amulets.
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