Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Second Temple By PT Thit (Wat Machimmaram) ~ Wat Gua Musang Utthissak Tammo Wararam.

When we travel to Kelantan and pay visited to Wat Machimmaram and met PT Thit, we notice PT Thit built the second temple at Gua Musang started few years ago. Here we sharing the photos of temple Wat Gua Musang Utthissak Tammo Wararam.
 Here the Samnak Song building under name of Phor Than Thit (Wat Machimmaram). The building opening at year 2009.
The main prayer Hall buiding.
 The photo taken inside the main altar.
 The small shrine of Mercy Boddhisattvas Guan Yin statue.
 The 'budi hall' of crematorium building.
 The sacred Phra Phrom statue.
 The small kuti.
 The temple banner board.
Here the new construction shrine and with veneration LP Thuad and Phra Pikanet. Now temple Wat Gua Musang Utthissak Tammo Wararam is prepared the new Ubosot building. The sema stone also ready and temporary put at prayer hall.
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