Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Unseen Thailand ~ Wat WiangKeaw ~ The Rattan Phra Buddha Statues In Northern Thailand.

This Unseen of Unique temple with some knitted rattan statues to explore, is one place you find on the unique handcrafted rattan statues and chedis. Normally the local people named this temple as Wat WiangKeaw, the 'wai' temple of rattan. He we see the unseen of Thailand.
 The temple Wat WiangKeaw at entrance side with main Ubosot and Wiharn.
 The photos taken with Handcrafted Rattan Phra Buddha Statue and with painted Golden.
 The close view of the knitted rattan Phra Buddha.
 The photo taken with the biggest knitted rattan statue of Phra Buddha with painted black colour.
 The close up view and we can see the unique handcrafted rattan made of the statue.
 The sacred Jade made statue of Phra Sivali and beautiful handcrafted wooden altar seat.
 The beautiful handcrafted Wooden Chair.
 The banner with photos of past events.
 The banner photos for processed made of handcrafted rattan.
 The unique handcrafting for new Phra Buddha and Chedi.
 The small wiharn building at Wat WiangKeaw.
 The main veneration of Phra Buddha with mural painted on wall.
The sacred Bell Tower and another side of the temple Wat WiangKeaw.
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