Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Visiting Wat MamuangSalot - Meet LP Kasem Khemmajaro - Nakhon Si Thammarat - Thailand.

In Nakhon Si Thammarat have temples is far from city like Wat MaMuangSalot. Today we sharing temple visit to Wat MamuangSalot and meet LP Kasem Khemmajaro. He was disciple of PT Kling (Wat ThalunThong).
LP Kasem Khemmajaro - Wat MamuangSalot - Nakhon Si Thammarat, he was born at 1st March 1932 at Ban SaoThong village. He ordained as monk at 20 years old at Wat ThaLungThong (temple of PT Kling) and resided at Wat ThaLungThong and learnt Wicha and Dhamma from PT Kling. He was disciple of PT Kling and also learnt Wicha from many good monks. He can create good and efficacious amulets and takruts and willingly to helping devotees. Now LP Kasem Khemmajaro became abbot of Wat MamuangSalot and this year 87 years old.
 Photos taken with Ubosot of Wat MamuangSalot.
 The kuti for LP Kasem Khemmajaro.
 LP Kasem Khemmajaro blessing again the holy items.
 Photo taken with LP Kasem Khemmajaro, he was 87 years old.
 The front side of temple Wat MamuangSalot.
 The Ubosot of Wat MamuangSalot.
 The hall building.
 Temple Bell tower and small Shrine.
 The sacred Phra Cinnaraj statue.
 The crematorium of Wat MamuangSalot.
 The sala building of Wat MamuangSalot.
 Sacred Phra Buddha statues and LP Thuad statue were venerated inside the Sala building.
Temple gate of Wat MamuangSalot.

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