Monday, May 6, 2019

Revisited April BE2562 ~ Wat Chedi (Wat Jadee) - Temple Aikhai - NST - Thailand (Part 1/2).

In part 1, we'll see more photo for temple surrounding (in year BE2562) and part 2 we'll focus on inside the wiharn and new amulets.
 Very heavy rain at Wat Chedi (wat jadee). Just sit in car waiting rain to stop.
2 Big Wealthy Rooster statues as guardian Wat Chedi.
 Devotees start to move after rain stop and some still inside the tent.
 The new project for built Big statue Phra Buddha inside the center Wiharn.
 The sacred Mai Takian tree in the temple Wat Chedi - Wat Jadee.
 Have ceremony for new ordain as monk at Wat Chedi.
 The site for purpose new Big Phra buddha statue.
 Not sure what will be built in this area.
 Far away for site to light firecrackers.
The pieces burn of firecrackers pile up like a hill.
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